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Iceland – Normie Land

In today’s Daily Stormer article, “Anti-Jihad figure Robert Spencer poisoned by leftist in Iceland,” Spartacus wrote:

I spent about half an hour looking at the media in Iceland, and I could not find a single kike in any position, at all. No kike owners, no kike CEOs, nothing.

They do have foreigners writing as journalists, like this maggot, but even there I couldn’t identify any kikes. Unless some of them are cryptos, then that means the goyim running Iceland are trying hard to be the best goyim in the world. I couldn’t find a single article in any publication in Iceland that isn’t on par with HuffPoo on every single thing you can think of. I didn’t spend enough to be certain, but the media in that country might be worse than in any other I’ve ever looked at.

A commenter, LeMonsieur, said: “White people don’t need a jewish presence to behave in the same leftist/suicidal way. You can take the most remote paradisiac village 100% White for millennia, you would find the same will to receive immigration and the same leftist women in charge. Every single time.”

For those who don’t believe that concurrently to the Jewish problem there’s an Aryan problem I ask the question, How do you explain it?

Daily Stormer commenters have no answer to this question. Most of them don’t want to see that there is a Christian problem and an Aryan problem to boot. At least, Kevin MacDonald at The Occidental Observer has been researching the Aryan problem for some time, but like the Stormer he won’t tackle the Christian problem, with the exception of allowing Tom Sunic’s anti-Christian articles on the Observer once in a while.

Last month, on the comments section of this blog I replied to Joseph: “You say Jews and perhaps you are right from the Anglo-Saxon world. But here at the south of the US it is flabbergasting to see mestizos, criollos and Jews exactly on the same page. I cannot distinguish the criollos from the Jews while watching TV programs of debate. I have to see the name if it sounds Spanish or looking at Wikipedia for clues if one of these TV commenters is Jew or not. Mestizos are easier to spot because of their skin color and racial features. But what is surprising is that both Jews and gentile criollos think exactly the same liberalism. So who’s the enemy? At the thread of Hitler’s birthday I called your attention to a very prolific WN pundit who publishes in the blogsites Alternative Right, Counter Currents and The Occidental Observer. This WN [Colin Liddell] called for the destruction of Germany three days ago as if he was the Morgenthau Jew of 1945! So who is the enemy? The conclusion I have arrived is what Pierce said the year he died: ‘There are several ways one can look at our problems…. One could say that everything is the fault of white American man. We used to run this country. If the Jews have taken over our mass media it is because we [emphasis in Pierce’s voice] let them do it’…”

For those unfamiliar with the content of this site, see on the sidebar the advertisement of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, which contains essays not only about the Christian problem and the Aryan problem, but on the Women problem as pointed out by LeMonsieur above.

One final note. When I lived in Normie Land this was the path, my stepping stones that helped me to cross the psychological Rubicon:

• 1st stone: Robert Spencer and other online counter-jihadists (late 2008)

• 2nd stone: Larry Auster, who went beyond counter-jihadism onto stepping a racial and anti-feminist stone (but he was Jewish)

• 3rd stone: Jew-wise White Nationalism, especially the webzines under the watch of Greg Johnson in the late 2009 and 2010. In the following years I became disillusioned because of some ethno-suicidal traits among authors of Counter-Currents and the broader WN movement.

At the other side of the river I found the very solid ground of National Socialism.

About the non-fatal poisoning this month of Robert Spencer in Iceland, a man who helped me to step on the first river stone, see also: here. In the late 2008 and early 2009 however the appearance of Jihad Watch was much better than today. The same can be said about the appearance of Occidental Dissent that used to show off Scuola di Atene, one of the most famous frescoes by Raphael. Presently, like Jihad Watch, Occidental Dissent looks awful.

8 replies on “Iceland – Normie Land”

Just compare this May 2017 Neocon article by Bain Dewitt published in Johnson’s webzine, “Russians are Not #Ourguys” with the superb articles by Michael O’Meara that Johnson featured in 2009-2010 at both The Occidental Quarterly and Counter Currents.

And what happened to Andrew Hamilton (the other stellar author that, like O’Meara, appears no more at CC)?

Firstly – I think Spencer is a Jew. LOOK at him. He says he’s Greek – but I think that’s PURE BS. I know loads of Greeks – and non of them look like him. NONE of them. He works with Pam Geller. Nuff said.

Secondly – you mean you are NOT blaming women? Amazing!

WHITE MEN LET ALL OF THIS HAPPEN. ALL of it. Women just flow with the tide.

He’s a member of a counterpart church of the Orthodox Church of Antioch. His grandparents were forced to emigrate from an area that is now part of Turkey. All those Semitic peoples look the same: Muslims, Arabs, Christians and Jews.

I agree with you. Why is any of this mess out here my fault? Hmmmm…. let me see I worked, went to school, worked .,,, cleaned my own homes, bought / pay for my homes. Um, bought my own cars. Had to pay to have kids.

And I am a whorish privileged white woman? Nope, not buying that bs sandwich.

Anyway, it seems to me that the whole world is in cahoots to have the ‘white’ woman to be defiled and die off.

It was the lust of the white man’s need to dominate his better half that made him turn away from his blood brothers, children, and country.

Overcoming the Aryan problem in the short term would seem to require overriding or ‘tricking’ the instincts of Nordic whites. The Alt-Right, as imperfect as it is, seems to do this with the concept of being ‘based’ or part of a new counterculture — this effectively tricks whites into ethnocentrism by utilizing their individualistic tendencies.

The other process which will be instrumental in solving the Aryan problem is that the least ethnocentric whites will be (and to a certain degree already have) been eliminated from the white gene pool as they go off to miscegenate. Over the next century, I would not be surprised to see a rapid evolution in whites towards more ethnocentric behavior because of this process.

The non-Soviet parts of the West became part of the Judeo-American Empire in 1945. That included places like Iceland and Sweden. I think we all know that the cultural and political influence of US on the rest of the West (and to a lesser extent the rest of the world) has grown enormously over the postwar period.



To illustrate what I talk about. Louis Armstrong visited Sweden in 1933. In all the news papers he was describe as something monkey-like let loose from the jungle. All across the line! And in the reviews by the most serious music critics.

Who would have imagined in 1933, that twelve years later Western Europe would undergo an America-led cultural revolution which would lead to the common belief that there are no differences between races?

Translation of two of the quotes:

Knut Bäck in Göteborgs-Posten, November 1933:
“This world is strange… No protests are raised against how the jungle is let loose into the society. Armstrong and his band are allowed to freely wreak destruction.”

Sten Broman in Sydsvenskan, November 1933:
“Dare I say that he at times had something monkey-like about him and sometimes reminded of, according to our perceptions, a mentally disturbed person, when he pouted with his mouth or gaped it to its widest open and roared like a hoarse animal from a primeval forest.”

The third quote compares the concert with a natural disaster, and Armstrong’s trumpet with a hell machine. The only good thing coming out of it, he says, is that it solves to old dispute of whether monkeys have a language.

This is what Europe looked like, up until 1945. And since some people will live under the misconception that this was a phenomenon of the ’30s, I here provide a quote from the Swedish Encyclopedia, Nordisk Familjebok, the 1876-1899 edition (here and here).

“Psychologically the negro can be said be on the level of a child, with vivid fantasy, lack of endurance, … can be said to lack morality rather than being immoral … etc.”

Even though the point here has been to illustrate how social paradigms can shift completely in short time (and this is just one out of numerous examples), let me add how up until 1945 all the focus was put on the differences between races, and after that all the focus has been put on what is equal (while ignoring differences).

Most white Americans were racist in 1945. Even more true in 1933. The now defunct WASP ruling class had a strong racist component
in the pre-WW2 era:


Some context on Kingman Brewster, from The guardians: Kingman Brewster, his circle, and the rise of the liberal establishment by Geoffrey Kabaservice:
At this moment in American history, some leaders were aware that the nature of authority was changing. Brewster had moved Yale away from its deeply conservative New England roots, transforming it into a modern international institution. The university’s culture, reflected in its policies in administration, faculty hiring, and undergraduate admissions, had long stressed the superiority of white Anglo-Saxon Protestant leadership. Brewster reshaped Yale to emphasize merit rather than background. He redefined leadership to include individuals from nonprivileged circumstances, minorities, and women. Yet he did not turn his back on Yale’s heritage, its hallowed tradition of community, or its distinctive reputation for producing leaders and achievers. He sought a middle course through the Sturm and Drang of the era–a difficult balancing act–and found himself pressed between impatient students and angry conservative alumni.


Brewster [Sr.], described by one acquaintance as “a crustacean McKinleyite Republican,” entertained many members of Congress at his Catoctin retreat. [. . .] Brewster’s politics, however, were too extreme to be openly expressed in the mainstream GOP. His anti-Communism was so rabid and sweeping that his son remembered that “if I were considerate enough to visit him in Washington with a friend whose parents were somehow associated with the Roosevelt administration, it was natural that he should refer quite regularly to my ‘Communist friends.'” [. . .] Brewster’s political opinions and his business contacts with Germany led the FBI to start a file on him. While various information testified that he admired the Nazi system and claimed to have met personally with Hitler on visits to Germany, the FBI’s investigation revealed little aside from the fact that “BREWSTER possessed a great hatred for Jews and regarded them with suspicion at all times.”

Brewster’s views on race and religion were perhaps most fully expressed in the works of his good friend the eugenicist Lothrop Stoddard, who believed that Anglo-Saxon civilization and America’s ancestral purity were under threat from inferior races. Stoddard was, like Brewster, a Harvard Law School graduate and sometime resident of Brookline, Massachusetts. (Brookline was, not coincidentally, the location of the nation’s first country club.) Stoddard’s works included evocative titles such as The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy and The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man.

American society, according to Brewster and Stoddard, was a racial aristocracy under threat [. . .] Many upper-class East Coast gentlemen shared the view that snobbery and racial exclusion were necessary to preserve their elite culture, even if they stopped short of Stoddard’s conclusion that “race cleansing is the obvious starting-point for race betterment.” Although Brewster’s virulent racial opinions were welcome in polite society, most of his peers expressed themselves in more decorous terms. [. . .]

Brewster Sr. was a strikingly handsome man, with a magnetic appeal to women. He was married five times, although the legality of several of those unions was questionable. [. . .] Kingman Jr. recalled that at his father’s funeral, it was his role to keep the wives apart; they were all still fond of him.

Kingman Jr. once told an interviewer that he had been “terrified” of the father who had given him “a stepmother in every port.” [. . .] The son detested his father’s fascism and ultraconservatism, and so kept some distance. [. . .]

Kingman Sr.s paranoid racism, extreme anticommunism, and unbridled hatred of Franklin Roosevelt reflected an entire class’s inability to cope with drastic change.

Some members of Kingman Jr.’s generation adopted the reactionary outlook of their fathers. Others turned against their class and toward communism and other radical philosophies. But Brewster and his cohorts in the liberal establishment would seek to change in order to preserve, in FDR’s well-known formulation.

Once you go black, you cannot go back. Adding one teaspoon of shyte to a quart of ice cream makes the whole quart bad.

Boundaries. Restraint. These things come from having an identity.

“Who would have imagined in 1933, that twelve years later Western Europe would undergo an America-led cultural revolution which would lead to the common belief that there are no differences between races?”

It’s ironic that the US and UK still keep track of races in their censuses, yet no European country ever did. Partly because European nations were always homogeneously White, partly because the current Europe is founded on the principles of 1789 and 1917. And at the same time, they’re a little less suicidal (in the East and South East).

Also, you’re wrong about that 1933 date. Sweden was a lost cause even then, as they did not fight alongside Germany (aside from the SS volunteers, an exception proving the rule). Neither Swedes, nor Swiss, nor Irish, nor Spanish, nor Portuguese. Those peoples determined their fate a century ago, and never looked back.

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