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A passage from Andrew Anglin’s most recent article
“How MGTOW has Ruined DS, Message to the Younger Crowd”

This website [The Daily Stormer] is going to continue to focus on male issues. I believe that male issues are the single biggest way to bring new people into our movement. We have to be offering them something.

Most men are not intellectual. Pussy is not an intellectual issue, and it is something that all men are concerned about. The articles about male issues on this site get approxi-mately 500% more views than articles about Jews.

The other reason it is important to me to talk about male issues, a much less practical or strategical reason, is that I genuinely care about other men, and I want to be there for them in whatever capacity I am able to be. Running a popular website gives me an opportunity to speak directly to millions of people. And I want to use that power to help others.

Men deserve to know that they are not alone. They deserve to know that this is not their fault. And they deserve to know that there is a group of people who are planning on fixing this problem.

If you do not like that articles relating to traditional sex roles and male issues will be featured on this website regularly alongside articles about Jews, blacks, Moslems, homosexuals and other perverts, geopolitics, etc. then please, simply stop coming to this website. Do not bother to post on the forum about it, do not bother to write me an email about it, just stop coming to dailystormer.com, and your problem will be solved.


 Friday update:

Anglin has just published “Revealing the Esoteric Nature of the White Sharia Meme,” which contains a section criticizing those autists who cannot grasp the humor of the meme.

The Daily Stormer is a popular site, which cannot contrast more with the gravitas of The West’s Darkest Hour. For instance, I would never use a pop meme. In lieu of “white Sharia” I would simply invoke Nietzsche’s “Transvaluation of all values,” going back to the standards of by-gone eras, including patriarchy.

6 replies on “Boomsplainer”

In the article Anglin et al expose the boomer mindset. I’m myself a boomer, but not of the kind that they criticise.

Anyway, as Anglin explains in the article, my silly generation traded this:

for this:

I still remember the news of Avandaro in Mexico, which in 1971 imitated the American Woodstock Festival. Soledad Anaya, the principal of my school, expelled a female student who attended the Festival, and almost half a century later I see that Anaya was right!

I actually agreed with a lot of what Anglin wrote, until this:

“8.I don’t know any man who has had his life personally destroyed by a Jew. I don’t know a man who hasn’t had his life personally destroyed by a woman. Most of them, more than once.”

As I’ve written MANY times before, White Men ruled the WORLD, and threw it all away with BOTH hands. For their toys, and Bunny Girls.

Anglin’s life will be destroyed by Jews, depending on how the lawsuit goes. Millions of people have had their lives destroyed BY Jews, I know MEN who have had their lives destroyed by Jews. DIRECTLY. If all these White Men STILL can’t see the Jew, that’s not even BEHING the curtain anymore , but laughing in their faces – then the problem lies within White Men. YOU guys refuse to take ANY responsibility at all. You are totally high on your own supply. How can Jews manipulate women so easily? How can they manipulate YOU?

Why can the worst niggers can women, and White guys can’t? I know women behave like sluts. They are REWARDED for doing so. Who is telling them differently? The whining little White “men” who dress and ACT like tthey are 3 years old?

One of the replies, but “Interjew” neatly summarizes the dilemma. He demands that women produce 5 children,and cook and clean – yet insists that men should “dream between the ages of 16-40” and then get a job or join the force…

The absolute insanity of this “position ” reveals WHY White men (off the MGTOW losers) are being left in the dust.

1) How is the woman literally going to produce 5 kids if there is no adult male around to knock her up? How is she going to cook food, f no one brings food, while she’s popping out those kids? Who is going to provide a house to clean, while Genus White Man Baby is off dreaming?

1A) All these young men, sucking their thumbs and holding their metaphorical baby blankies have very strange ideas about women. They want loyal submissive women, to act as servants, who look like pole strippers. If a woman is not porn-ready – she’s a dog/fat/beneath them. No matter how little they have to offer her. I’ve seen the most unkempt, unfit penniless jerks sneer at women who are not up to Glamour Model snuff. White can the most worthless nigger get women, and YOU CAN’T?

2) No employer will deal with some egocentric adult infant, who shows up at age 40 (sperm gets old , too fellas) who is now ready to be an adult.

3) Meanwhile – Jews are adults at age 13, and create networks 24/7 to takeover and promote their own interests. Jewish women are full participants. They are ruthlessly taught to produce children. They all work together. For each other.

That’s why they are winning.

THEY set the rules for the ruin of Western Civilization. But go ahead fellas – keep blaming the girls.


I was going to write a more lengthy response and then I came to this realization:

They do not care. They truly do not.

Well and really, Anglin is Anti White. Myself I am kind of anti white but more pro specific European identities. Regardless the whole Stormer attitude of ‘git pu$$ey’ is rather nog.

is not buying the hollywood barnyard morals line not being had by jews? their shit product was pervasive in my home/ school/ play environs. it’s all i knew besides the as putrid religious line of shit that my parents hypnotized all their children in from birth. and i conside the jew religion likely the most cruel, with the o.t. non-stop kill-everthing-that-moves warfare book after book spewed. was i a sick mind from the start? you betcha. and , like hitler, i blame the jews, primarily.

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