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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Feminism Hate Real men

The empire of the yin

The following is the introduction to the sixth part of the forthcoming 2017 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

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Part VI:

Sparta vs. feminized western males


The empire of the yin

White nationalists are waking up. But they are cowards: they are not organizing to do anything in a concerted effort. They are still thinking like civilians, not as freedom fighters. As the creator of our fourteen words put it in the following article, “Unless we have an unseen army of total barbarians devoid of pity, of compassion, of compunctions, of restraining moralisms, we are doomed.”

In this section I have chosen the example of virile Sparta, another long text by Evropa Soberana, to shame nationalists a bit with the antithetical example of their pussy ways. Sparta is located at the farthest polarity of Yang that the white race has reached.

Like the rest of whites, the feminized nationalists I have interacted with are still living in the Empire of the yin. Whites have become so emasculated that they are no longer fighting for sex, preferring masturbation or porn instead. The feminization of western males comes hand with hand with feminism: the sinful masculinization of western women. Many white nationalists do not hate feminism, which should be hated with more vehemence than their hatred of the Jews.

After the essay on Sparta I excerpt texts from two disparate sources in still another long article. The first source are excerpts from John Sparks’ Battle of the Sexes in the Animal World (1999). Sparks, who uses very elegant language, studied animal behavior at the Zoological Society of London. After the fundamentals to understand the dialectics of animal yin-Yang I quote from a YouTube blogger, Turd Flinging Monkey whom I refer simply as “the blogger.” He is one of the most radical voices of the MGTOW movement (Men going their own way). The blogger uses profanities and I imitate his style in that section. Underlined words mean keywords for the scientific case against feminism, like dimorphism, gynocentrism, hypergamy, etc.

But first I must reproduce the letter of David Lane and the book on Sparta that I translated from Spanish.

6 replies on “The empire of the yin”

You’re right, a majority of white men today are feminized in some way. But that’s the beauty of the alt-right- it has been a way for white men to reclaim their masculinity. Considering you are someone who has been a part of this movement for decades now, I can understand why you would be critical of the alt-right and its current inaction in the physical world.

But the alt-right has already been achieving great things so far in a short manner of time, specifically in the way of changing the culture. However, we are still a young movement and we have a lot to figure out. Give it time.

Also, I suppose that furthers my point then. Were you as extreme at the beginning of your entrance into WN as you are now? And was your clarity on the whole situation we find ourselves in as pronounced as it is now? I think not.

Yes. In 2008 I was a liberal. But WNsts are stagnated at the middle of a dangerous river. Stay tuned to see explained this metaphor in a forthcoming post.

Many Westernized males did it to themselves. That being said, I believe the younger men of today are much more racially and ethnically conscious than their fathers and grandfathers. The older gents did not leave much for these millenials and now things are almost beyond repair. The older guys are the ones who modeled divorce, race mixing, and degeneracy.

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