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Judeo-reductionism Michael O'Meara


“To focus exclusively or mainly on the Jews (no matter how nefarious their distortions) is an exercise either in reductionism, ignorance, or dishonesty.”

—Michael O’Meara

12 replies on “Monocausalists”

Dead right. There is just so much rot in the edifice of the White Race, it just has to go before we can talk about our external enemies.

Just mountains of traitors, Jew-collaborators, pacifism-mongering Christians, Marxists, feminists, baby boomers, myopic materialists, nihilistic degenerate cynics, etc. etc.

All of them need to be lined up against walls.

With them gone National Socialism can blossom, and even if there are only a handful of us left, we will hold out and ultimately win against the Satanic mud hordes.

The White Race in its purest and unadulterated form is a holy miracle against which all enemies will shatter.

It’s only when we’re saddled with the above mentioned undesirables that we’re held back from our true destiny.


@ brothermattiex,

Amen. Only self-righteous WNsts are capable of shouting from the roof that the most serious enemy are the kikes when it’s the internal enemy what empowered them since Napoleon’s times. WNsts want to solve the kike problem without first putting their house in order (the Christian problem in some quarters, libertarian Mammon worshiping in others; homophilia, admitting women in their conferences, degenerate music, etc.).

Just read my excerpts of Uncle Adolf’s table talks, that soon will be over, and compare his culture with the Americanised culture of these degenerates…

I long for the day when we get our house in order. Any means is justified in fulfilling that ends. Everything depends on it.

I read all of Hitler’s Table Talks not so long ago. To me the man was like our race’s version of Mohammed.

The only degenerates out there are those that welcome the gang raping of innocent men, women, and children via the invasions of alien tribes so as to promote a culture of subjugation.

I am not saying America does not have its faults, it does, but Europe needs to own its own shyte as do the other colonies.

As I pointed out before, there was traitor behavior WITHIN Europe before the colonists ever got to the States and the other colonies, many who were poor, displaced, and persecuted people. This history of being made poor and persecuted and displaced via the hidden class system in European made these colonists open to outside influences. If Europe really cared about its own and if the wealthy financiers of colonialism really cared about their own familial blood first before engaging in fetish fucking of squaws and gooks and backstabbing of blood brothers, we would not be in the predicament we are in today.

Yes, we need our house in order, but bringing in a bunch of invaders to terrorize and intimidate people into being ‘protected’ (subjugated) by the Elites does nothing but breed more resistance and resentment that will eventually boil over and bite you in the ass and in fact, it already has.

Free yourself first from your need to subjugate. Why does the freedom of others infringe on your freedom and the Germanic / Nordic ability to thrive? Why must you subjugate others to be free?

So how are you going to get Germanic / Nordic women to actually procreate with you when all you do is insult them?

Are you going to rape them? If so, you are just as bad as the Red Army that stormed through Berlin and look what happened here, millions of German women poisoned themselves and the rest got slaughtered.

You are self-destructive.

And why do you keep using the word “white”? Makes me think that you are Jew or a Jew lackey.

You never answered my question. Why do you use the term ‘white” when there is no “white’ tribe?

As far as baking muffins et al., I do housework etc as well as work outside the home. Who raised you to have such a lack of respect?

Your mother needed to kick your azzzzzz some more.

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