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White nationalism

“WN is simply a stepping stone
along the way, not a destination.”


4 replies on “White nationalism”

I agree with this to a point because I also think WN can be misleading. It has become rife with non European infiltrators. Consequently, people not only can one get stuck in WN, but WN can purposely mislead.

By quoting Adit I was silently referring to my own path.

In 2007 I still was a liberal. In late 2008 I started to cross over the river thanks to the very handy stone of Counter-Jihad. A few months later I discovered that a counter-Jihadist, Larry Auster, in addition to bashing Muslims and liberals he also bashed Negroes and feminism—another stepping stone that helped in my crossing over.

Later I discovered white nationalism and abandoned Zionist Counter-Jihad—WN, another stepping stone in the right direction. I then learned that Neo-Nazism was just WN plus Nazi paraphernalia. (WNsts and Neo-Nazis are stagnated in a stepping stone.)

The big jump from this last stone takes you directly into the shoreline of dry land: genuine National Socialism:


I was thinking that Nordic Aryans had faced many genocides in their struggle of existence, from Attila, the Turks, the Mongols, and now the Jews, all of them are vermins from the East. Hellstorm is just a reenactment of the previous genocides from Aryan homeland near the Black sea.


The Germanics once again must face with their struggle of existence with mass immigration, the Jews would never let them in peace.

Those who hold the masses just want to be comedians, whereas those who really want to form resistances have no followers, even those who indeed fight have no real understanding of what the problems are. Will this the end of our humanity and a new herald of animalistic savagery?

How to be popular and takeover the gov’t like the communists, perhaps you should put some articles on that.

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