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Friedrich Nietzsche Painting Women


“Everything about woman is a riddle, and everything about woman has a single solution: that is, pregnancy.”


Nursing madonna  1

Nursing madonna 2

Nursing madonna 3


Nursing madonna 4

Nursing madonna 5


Nursing madonna 6


Nursing madonna 7

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Nursing madonna 8

2 replies on “Motherhood”

The solution to our current demographic decline is of course pregnancy. In fact if one thinks about it our current state of population decline is actually an opportunity. It’s a numbers game. As an overall population declines, if a subgroup, like nationalist, begin having babies at a healthy rate they will rapidly grow and dominate the overall declining population. The way for nationalist to take over is through the womb.

Sounds great but the problem is that the western states make this impossible.

You really have to have healthy laws first to reproduce.

In the recent CNN debate of cuckservative Republicans for example a cuck said that women should chose their destiny.

Compare this with the Jane Austen world, where either young women accepted men for marriage or find themselves on the streets.

When someone rebels against the current ethno-suicidal laws and abducts a Sabine woman in America, as happened in real life, the culture mocks both father and son and depict the bitch as a victim in TV programs.

redgirl_and_knightWhat WNsts ignore is that you will never convince the sufficient mass of women to reproduce in healthy levels, say like our grand-grand mothers did. You need to change the laws, destroying feminism once and for all. So-called “nationalists” would not even object that their women use contraceptives.

See the latest Frost entry in this site.

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