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Disempowering women

by Jack Frost

redgirl_and_knightGetting rid of abortion and other forms of contraception would automatically lower female influence.

Free access to those things is what causes female influence, as it gives women total control over their own fertility; total control over what type of person makes up the next generation, and whether there will even be a next generation.

For the white race, it’s been a disaster.

One reply on “Disempowering women”

Indeed, but let’s not outlaw all destruction of embryos.

The latest technology allows genetic selection of embryos in order to accomplish a fine-grained eugenics. That is, if you have some minor/major genetic defect, you will soon be able test your embryos in vitro and to filter out those embryos that also have the defect. Thus ones children can be a perfected version of oneself, perhaps taller, smarter, healthier and better-looking. That will be far better than the old-fashioned method of eugenics, of not having children at all in order to eliminate a defect.

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