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Painting Table talks (commercial translation) Women

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 67



Night of 15th-16th January 1942

A woman of genius
—The Arts must be protected.


It’s claimed that women have no creative genius. But there’s one extraordinary woman, and it irritates me that men don’t do her justice. Angelica Kauffmann was a very great painter. The most illustrious of her own contemporaries admired her.

For Linz Museum I can think of only one motto: “To the German people, that which belongs to it.”

The Munich Pinakothek is one of the most magnificent achievements in the world. It’s the work of one man. What Munich owes to Ludwig I is beyond computing. And what the whole German people owes to him ! The palace of the Uffizi at Florence does honour not to Florence alone, but to all Italy.