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Final solution Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 78



27th January 1942, evening

The Jew must disappear from Europe.


The Jews must pack up, disappear from Europe. Let them go to Russia. Where the Jews are concerned, I’m devoid of all sense of pity. They’ll always be the ferment that moves peoples one against the other. They sow discord everywhere, as much between individuals as between peoples.

They’ll also have to clear out of Switzerland and Sweden. It’s where they’re to be found in small numbers that they’re most dangerous. Put five thousand Jews in Sweden—soon they’ll be holding all the posts there. Obviously, that makes them all the easier to spot.

It’s entirely natural that we should concern ourselves with the question on the European level. It’s clearly not enough to expel them from Germany. We cannot allow them to retain bases of withdrawal at our doors. We want to be out of danger of all kinds of infiltration.

One reply on “Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 78”

“all kinds of infiltration…” said Uncle Adolf.

Think about Obama’s recent Supreme Court Justice Nominee, Merrick Garland, raised in Conservative Judaism according to Wikipedia. Isn’t the US Court increasingly looking like the Judeo-Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union?

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