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Pseudo woman

“If a woman has only manly virtues, we run away…”


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Sebastian Ronin’s most recent podcast—just Google “Radio Renaissance, Podcast #7, August 30, 2015” (I don’t even want to link it!)—is all fucked up: these guys endorse precisely the sort of phallic women that we run away.

Absolutely pathetic!

You’re absolute spot on.

Ronin and his party believe they can attract a so-called “center”, a moral minority, (which doesn’t exist) by giving a little to both the left and right. Just “convince” the environmentalists to accept the race issue and build a big umbrella coalition.

Moreover, they accept the historical (Her-storical) narrative and morality of the feminist witches without question; that women have been “oppressed” by men since the dawn of time until recent times; that WNs and men in general are bigots, losers in life, unbalanced, psychologically unbalanced if they oppose feminist triumphs.

What’s worse is they adopt the tried and tested argumentative method of the left: pathologize men who disagree (“losers”), and introduce straw men arguments. (ie, WNs want to enslave women)

However, Ronin thinks he can be clever (and trick the masses) by establishing a false dichotomy: accept women’s liberation (womyn’s lib) but reject feminism. It’s okay for women to join the rank and file, but not the inner circle. But how the hell can any man draw a hard line?

No doubt they think this is political pragmatism. But they are laboring under a gross delusion.

Indeed. In fact, in the most interesting moment of the podcast Ronin said that we got to distinguish between “women liberation” and “feminism”! It’s like the WN conference scheduled, I believe, for this month where an out-of-the-closet homo will address the young…

These pseudo-traditionalists really want to have it both ways: liberalism and racial preservation. That’s the whole point of my adding those Wikipedia articles about Liberalism: an ideology that, despite claims to the contrary, Ronin’s group and WNsts still subscribe.

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