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Duke debates Jones

The West’s Darkest Hour is “esoteric” in the sense that only a very small group of visionaries can see that there has been huge Aryan problem (materialism and Christian axiology) behind a secondary infection: Jewish takeover of key Western institutions. But esoteric doctrine is so strong meat for the masses of awakening whites that the “exoteric” message is far more palatable: just focus on Jewry, don’t speak against Christianity to the masses. This is the tactic that Hitler and his inner circle used during their public speeches and, conversely, in informal table talks.

duke-jonesFor this very reason, the masses of awakening whites should hear the voice of David Duke—not mine! Today’s debate between David Duke and Alex Jones for example is worth viewing. In the introduction Jones spoke favorably of “Christian western ethic of transcending tribalism” and that “Christians promoted the end of slavery.” The Daily Stormer, the archetypical exoteric site for nationalists, failed to grasp that this sort of morality has been behind the Jewish opportunistic infection. This, in spite of the fact that at one point Jones asked Duke if our problems would not exist in absence of Jews. Duke, who in the Q/A session from listeners recognized he’s a Christian, responded: “we let them take over…”

Of course, Duke believes that Jews are the root problem, not us. But as I have implied, whites that start awakening are unprepared to listen the voice of Zarathustra. (Stay tuned for a forthcoming Nietzschean entry this week.)

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Christian axiology was around even before christianity… the mindset called christian is 5000 years old… and was monotheism started by egyptians freemasons… the holocaust is by no means the first big lie. The big problem in attacking Christianity lies in the fact that it represents what very little good is left in people… remember how anti-christian jewish commisars were. Christianity represents what little good is left in people, not all that is bad. All that is bad exists there even without christianity and that its root is freemasonry. People identify more as christian than as white, and if they like “equality, brotherhood, freedom” then they call that christian. Whatever people are, then they call christian… its not our task to destroy christianity but to make it good, to subverted it as it has already been subverted.

The world has continually decayed since year the time of Augustus Ceasar. And some say its the result of christianity, the world decayed… but it was merely that the decayed world identifed as christian either for propaganda or because it was an preventer of decay…

Now remember that christianity is 2000 years old, was corrupted at its outset by Paul and that my christianity and the early christianity was not about monotheism nor about crusades…. Cathars and Constantinopolis were destroyed in the name of Christianity… even thou they represented it. I aggree that jews are not all the problem, but its not we but freemasonry that have the fault. Freemasonry is older than christianity and the creators of the protocols of the eldars of Zion, were it is said that they are responsible for the fall of the ancient greek world… and mind you political correctness or christianity axiloogy did exist as late as the time of Alexander the great, for then philosphers i think were persecuted for having certain opinions.

Hitler was against Christianity? I know i have read his comments myself, but Charlemagne was for Christianity and Hitler commented about Charlemagne that he did a good job civilising germans. Remember also that Friedrich Nietzche was a devout christian until he became 18, and that a similar mindset exists in myself… I cannot really connect the christianity inside myself with the christian world outside… merely being a christian doesent work wonders… but a thing which you would aggre with is “christian architecture” or native architecture…

A thing to think about is that merely because Tiberius was a bad emperor then all emperors were not bad… and certainly there are more bad christians than good but the essentialy idea behind it, its spirit… is very good when good… certainly much better than the concept behind neo-nazism, 14 words, 88, holy racial war etc.

Because 1 cannot fight for a race… since in a race all members do not have a choice wheter they belong to it or not. Besides i really much thing that it is hopelessly stuck in the norman-united kingdom look upon the world

I think a very great idea is merely for an ordinary history book from any european country except the UK, that was made before world war 2 and have it published and translated into english to see how sterile and inadequat norman-united kingdom world view is.

And really he who has not distinquished between Normans and rest of europeans does understand the issue at hand.

Because just as european law is not based as it seems, on roman law rather on the magna carta of england… so is the bad character of christianity very much a product of normans of england. Parliment is an english word used to describe european houses that if right ought to be called senates.

It is quite a revelation…

correct here at the end “and really he who has not distingquished between normans and rest of euripeans does NOT understand the issue at hand”

(i dident see your reply when i made mine)

That is true, they tend merely to see the obvious.

Duke’s sin, if he has committed it, is but a peccadillo compared to the mortal sin of white nationalists: their Christian axiology (cf. the current post on this site, “Solitude”).

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