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Final solution Islamization of Europe

On fighting the Semites

by Jack Frost

The Christian fight with Muslims was never based on race, but religion. Had the Turks or Arabs agreed to convert to Christianity, history would have taken quite a different course.

expulsion judasAs if to demonstrate the preceding point, the Spanish monarchs did indeed expel some of their Jews, but only after trying to force them to convert. Only Jews who refused to convert to Christianity were expelled by the Alhambra decree of 1492. But the grounds were never racial, only religious.

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The Europeans tended to look upon themselves as Christian and meant infact whites when they talked about Christianity. One sees also a rough divide, there being Catholics in Latin countries, Protestants in German countries and orthodox in slav countries. That there was such a vague and unspecific notion of identity (a lack of rationalism) was not a problem had it not been for England and the Normans. The normans being an inherently flawed species (like the jews) were responsible for indirectly (no doubt) the fall of byzantium. They had a nation in Sicily that had a high level of civilisation and this diseappaered after about 100 years…. and later there came the mafia from sicily… Evola called England “an empire of shopkeepers” but it is a Mafia… Not because of some devious scheme but because such is the nature of the Normans.

Why the fuck do you think Arabs are in Europe? To grabble our money, just like niggers and kikes. That’s why they left their beautiful pious Muslim countries to go live in degenerate Western infidel countries. To take shit.

They’ve already chosen money over religion, and if they can’t practice Islam most of them will, once again, choose conversion to Christianity over not getting money. They’ll join Europe’s black-skinned congo niggers who were “Christian” from the start. That’s all they’ll need to do to stay on welfare and keep getting free healthcare.

Not that it even matters, since Christianity is a dying White religion and won’t recover.

First of all please talk politiely. The arabs will turn on the european population that they live amongst because the europeans are all freaks. They only need the crisis that will throw the world into chaos. Some call this coming crisis peak oil, or crash of the dollar i call it world war 3.

And either before world war 3 or after it is important to have done away with femenism and ressurected the old christian faith in order to be able to achieve victory in this post-ww3 world. (and i am not a god-beliver monotheist) And the essential way to ressurect Christianity with will be by destroying rationalism and replacing that with a spiritualised poetic and free-spirited view on reality supplemented by a great programme of physical things that improve the spiritual health.

Men must again look upon womens as their property, they must be free of instituionalised help and have a sublime spiritual connection with their folk-comrade and however one looks upon Christianity today, then what i just said here will be called christianity.

The abolisment of altars in churches and mood-worship (when people are in a bad mood) will take place aswell.

Have you read the long section of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour?:

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Yes, the Muslims are in a far better position to win in the coming chaos than the Europeans. The very first thing we must do is learn Arabic to seek out their weak spots. Then, turn to religious fundamentalism and threaten the Muslims with eternal damnation to weaken their morale.

However, viewing women as property is only possible if you can take their women as property as well.

We can strike two blows with one stone, doing away with feminism and Holocaustianity by repeating that abortion is worse than the Holocaust.

That’s debatable. Many historians regard the Royal Edict of Expulsion of 1609 as an ethnically inspired act.

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