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Justification by faith

by Jack Frost

19th-century cartoon depicting Jack FrostI agree that the power of the state is the only thing forcing the races together, but the Christian religion, with its maniacal focus on overcoming everything natural, provides the perfect moral justification for this action. This is why, if the white race is to survive, both the state and the religion that supports it must be destroyed.

2 replies on “Justification by faith”

The main crime of Protestantism is that it makes people think you can always find anything that matters in your own language. How can you be sure that Sun Zi said that “war is deceit”? Do you know Chinese? How do you know Kautilya said that deceiving political enemies is right? Do you know Sanskrit?

So…no! You have to learn other languages or others will f*ck you over.

Quite right, and the time spent by most people viewing television could easily be freed for learning languages, but few will do so.

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