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“Whites are waking up but they are cowards: they are not organizing to do anything in a concerted effort.” —Anonymous

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Whites are waking up, but those whites that do voice dissent and then do take the hard road of actual action are then painted as ‘crazy’.

Look at how WN vilified Dylan Roof. Here is the thing, NO ONE HAD TO SAY A WORD. WN’ers did not have to address his actions at all, but then they all came out after him and vilified him.

Goes to show how fake WN is.

I am not “white”

White = Coward

I identify as Germanic.

In Germany, it can be seen every day.

No matter what is said, the Jews, the refugees, no matter what nation just becomes a problem for our people, the “German Michel” is the first and only who pulls his head and agrees to all the madness.

Even ones who knows about the situation and who is behind all this.

By the way, do you know the “Turner Diaries”?

Meanwhile I’m a bit confused about the so called truther in the white-aryan/anti Jew-scene. The more I read the english-speaking-blogs the more I’m getting irritated. Many of them exposing the Jews in all conceivable ways. Even about Hitler is spoken positively. They deny the Holohoax and revealed long lists about corrupt Jews in politic, corporation, media etc.

And then, a couple of blogs later, the so called truther become unmasked from another “truther” and named as shills or disinformation agents.

A “nice” example is this fellow: link

Watch his list about his truther uncovering.

Who speaks the truth altogether?

The official account of that day is a conspiracy theory.

So you can’t get away from conspiracy theories. 🙂

The official conspiracy theory is probably the weakest, though.

By the way, he quotes the NIST report but that is just an explanation of the collapse, a theory with an official stamp of approval. There is no photographic evidence of that backside progressive collapse.

And the long list of idiotic comments that he has supposedly received is fallacious in proving his case, a form of ad hominem argument.

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