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A postscript

lady-knightIt’s less than a week since I posted “Where are the Syssitias?”

Although it’s premature to make my mind, I wonder if among my visitors there are those who, inspired by the beauty of the white Aryan woman, want to march together to defend her looks? (Always keep in mind Lane’s 14 words and his open letter.)

I’ll leave this short postscript as a sticky entry instead of the main, “Syssitias” article. Please, don’t comment anything beside the point: the logistics of actual moving, overseas if necessary, to enable the Knighthood of the Fourteen Words to unfold…

One reply on “A postscript”

It’s still very premature to say, but I am starting to believe that racist visitors of this site don’t want to make a difference in the real world.

Whites will continue to be picked out by the Jews, one by one, because, unlike the members of the subversive tribe, they irrationally persist in their individualist ways.

I don’t even have to be the “founder” or “director” of one of the “Syssitias”: These groups should’ve already been formed in every western nation by Aryan dissidents (tip: Commander Rockwell). Alas, with the exception of him, and of course NS Germany, this has not happened again in any Aryan nation.

I have closed this Postscript thread so that visitors may post in the comments section of the main article.

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