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Sacrificial lamb

by Jack Frost

Valerie-SjodinIn our culture, shaped as it has been by Christianity, the premier innocent victim is and always has been Jesus.Jew-lamb
He laid the groundwork; established the archetype.

It’s inconceivable that the Holocaust racket would have been as successful as it has been in a non-Christian culture.

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It’s debatable if 20th century European culture was a Christian culture. If it truly was a Christian culture, there never would have been a WW1 nor a WW2. All the Christian rules regarding warfare were thrown out the window in the early 20th century — around the very same time the White Race went Existentialist en-masse.

It’s debatable, was 20th century European culture a Christian culture or a culture based on Existentialism? There’s much to point to 20th century European culture as being an Existentialist culture more than a Christian based culture. [ It’s certainly now an Existentialist culture thru and thru. It didn’t happen overnight.]

Christian culture can take many forms. As in the 20th century, and the 17th, each side fought as righteous Christians, with the support of the respective chaplains and priests of their churches. Had the churches not been supportive, even in Germany, the wars could not have progressed. That is a form of Christian culture. The Soviets in WWII, of course, were committed to a secular version of Christianity, with Communist Party advisors controlling the commanders in the field, fighting for the survival of Communist Man. The Orthodox Church was fully supportive.

The various forms of culture Christians create arise because all Christians are by necessity hypocrites, due to the impracticalities and outright contradictions of Christian doctrine. Jesus, for example, forbids them from resisting evil, but Pharisee Paul commands them to slavishly subject themselves to the secular authorities, “for the powers (or authorities) that be are ordained by God.. He is the minister of God.. he beareth not the sword in vain.”

This inherent difficulty in applying doctrine is why Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor tells Jesus to stop bothering us. You’ve given us enough problems already, the Church is better off now caring for its own.

This brings to mind a comment I left at Age of Treason the other day quoting Manfred Roeder’s explanation for the German acceptance of Holocaust guilt (from the introduction to Thies Christopherson’s ‘Auschwitz Lie‘):

Why are we Germans so in love with the fairy tale of the six million gassed Jews? I can speak here from experience because I, myself, believed in it at one time. We Germans like brooding about a problem. We are God-fearing by nature. Therefore, we had to have a profound religious explanation for the immeasurable misery our people had been plunged into. To merely except the explanation that the others were stronger and more reckless, is insufficient for the German soul. We believe that nobody has to suffer such misery without a reasonable cause. It is the well-known problem of Job, who was talked into believing — by his ‘friends‘ and re-educators — that every blow from fate is a punishment from God. In that way, many Germans saw in the catastrophe of 1945 a divine judgment for sins and Crimes committed. The myth of six million innocent, murdered people actually satisfied the demand for a metaphysical explanation and was therefore so eagerly accepted. It seems to become all the more plausible when based on the Bible: We did not murder just ‘any‘ people, but we murdered the ‘chosen‘ people! As one of the readers wrote to me in these words: “Yes, we have assaulted the apple of God’s eye.“; what a ‘wonderful‘ explanation! Now we know why. Now we have got something to suffer for, and through subservience to all Jews and by paying colossal sums of money, we can regain at least part of God’s favor, or, as repentant sinners look forward to forgiveness. That is the reason why the German clings to the ‘murdered Jews‘ as though it meant the salvation of his soul. Without this explanation our terrible downfall would have had no higher meaning and be all the harder to bear.

The last time I visited AOT my ol’ friend Tan was still stuck in the belief that Jews corrupted Christianity and this was shared by virtually all commenters. Apparently for them it’s unconceivable that there’s something inherently wrong with our parents’ religion. Have they changed their views? Have they finally conceded that Christianity was anti-white since the times of Saul-Paul (cf. Frost’s posts in this site)?

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