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Honest self-criticism

Any politically savvy European-American knows how utterly distracted, gullible and willfully stupid, I said willfully stupid, so many millions of European-Americans are. I apologize if this sounds harsh, but anyone with a degree of insight can see it. If this country is in a hopeless situation, the first reason is the cowardice, ignorance, and lack of integrity deep inside most of us European-Americans, myself included.

My God, if we can’t even face the truth of our condition, then why concern ourselves with others, including leftists and the corrosive groups like the ADL and others aligned against our best interests. The absolute crap that has been going on against European-Americans and that has remained unanswered by them is nothing less than shameful, not to say an outright sin!

—A comment in this thread

3 replies on “Honest self-criticism”

True, but in the blogsite you use to comment the admin has posted several articles proving that, long before the Jews took over the US, a specific form of evangelical Christianity plus the Enlightenment of the founding fathers already contained the roots of suicidal liberalism. Griffin has acknowledged that even being a Christian.

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