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Conspiracy theories

Disagree with Ronin

"A Short History of the RPN”: A radio podcast interview of Sebastian Ronin. - July 27, 2014


I agree and disagree with Sebastian on quite a few points.

I agree with most of Sebas’ criticism of American-style white nationalism and that Covington is mainly a writer, not an actual politician. But… somewhere during the interview, did Sebas imply that 9/11 was an inside job? Readers of WDH know that conspiracy theories are utter BS for me.

After listening the interview I wonder if Sebas is promoting women in the inner party? I ask this because I am a real traditionalist: no women were politically empowered in the most virile, martial societies that we must admire in our history. Feminist quotas are to be avoided at all costs, especially in the coming holy wars which will be the nastiest of all history due to the WMD. Compassionate women would only impede final solutions to our many problems.

More important is that both Sebas and his interviewer reject genocide on non-whites in the coming struggle for secession. I believe they are contradicting themselves on this point.

If energy devolution is pivotal in their worldview, there’s no chance that a white ethnostate will survive with a gluttonous new kid on the bloc like China unless it hostilely takes over the oil fields of non-white countries later in the century (which would condemn them to die like flies). Since Mother Nature will kill at least 5 billion of humans, there’s no chance that the ethno-nationalists in charge of a newly-formed State won’t ferociously fight for the ever scarcer fields after Nature hits the fan.

In other words, Sebas et al cannot have it both ways—peak oil and behave like Christian axiologists with the sand-niggers. On this point they’re on the same page of a recent article by Greg Johnson, the wishful belief that the ethnostate will be achieved without true “Rivers of Blood”.