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The antifascist crackdown

by Dimitrios Papageorgiou

On Tuesday in the center of Athens the owner of a pet store was brutally beaten by a mob of antifascists. He was also pierced with a used needle, which may or may not be infected with something. He actually had no connection with Golden Dawn, nor was he a nationalist. He just happened to be muscular and have a shaven head.

GD symbolThis is just one of many similar incidents. Dozens of people have been attacked in plain sight, in the middle of the day, by anti-fascist mobs, who feel righteous in “hunting down” nationalists. In another case, an off duty policeman was attacked in the metro station, during an antifascist rally. He ran for his life and when cornered fired twice in the air. The result? No antifascist was arrested. The policeman was, though, and he is now being prosecuted.

The same thing happened to members of Golden Dawn guarding their offices in Halkida. About ten Golden Dawn regional offices have been attacked multiple times in the last few days with Molotov cocktails. By arresting the defenders the police make it certain that Golden Dawn members cannot fight back. You either get physically abused or arrested if you choose to participate in the party’s activities. An MP’s store was also destroyed. The list goes on, but I think everyone gets the point. This is the culmination of the two-pronged attack of the System against Golden Dawn. I wrote about this strategy some months ago, here.


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