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Lew on GD crackdown

GD symbol

The Greek government, under the influence of organized Jewry, is targeting GD [Golden Dawn] using illegal methods because the GD is for real. GD has been showing the worldwide nationalist community what the system considers a real threat. Basically, GD has given all nationalists a road map.

GD does have a consistent message. It boils down to being pro-Greek, Greece for Greeks.

These developments show the other side will drop the mask and revert to Bolshevik methods the instant they perceive a real threat.

The establishment has not gone after those parties like it has gone after GD. Most of those groups play ball with Jewry and will go exactly nowhere. Ilias Kasidiaris was about to be elected mayor of Athens. At a minimum, he had a realistic shot at it. Why do you think they’re attacking GD now? It’s to stop their momentum at the polls.

The government arresting your leadership on phony charges and declaring your party a criminal organization can stop any group. The left is sticking with proven methods it has been honing since 1917, that is, Bolshevik methods, harass, arrest, destroy.


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