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John Tyndall on the JQ

A sentence in one John Tyndall’s old articles—:

The truth was inescapable. In not one single case could I find any prominent, powerful and influential Jewish personage who identified himself or herself with any cause complementary to the interests of the British Nation.

—reminded me the phrase that moved me to flip sides on the Jewish Question in 2010, as explained in my red letters of my Avery Bullard quotation in “A lightning in the middle of the night”:

As I have often pointed out, socialism is by and large a disease of the intellectuals, and Jews are over-represented among intellectuals, due to a high native intelligence and a tradition of giving their children as much education as possible. Jews were also over-represented amongst musicians, physicists, and capitalist entrepreneurs. But they are never over-represented in organisations or movements that represent the interests of the ethnic majority, only those that weaken that majority. [my emphasis]

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