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Sanskrit saying

“From the corruption of women… all evils follow.”

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I’ve seen some on here write off ‘Hinduism’ and rightly so, but the original Aryan form of that religion, called Sanatana Dharma or The Eternal Natural Way, is worth something, with that very truthful line in the Bhagavad-Gita

“Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion (mixing) of races; out of the confusion of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding; and out of this, all evil.”

Denise, I don’t know if you checked the VFR liks I posted on the previous thread, concerning late Lawrence Auster’s views on the political rights women should (not) have. I’m curious to know your take on his ideas.

I watched today a John Morgan video featured I believe at TOO or CC and it reminded me how effeminate these white nationalists have become when compared to the likes of Commander Rockwell. The same of course can be said of Alt Right, OD, AR and I don’t remember any MR articles claiming that WN ought to be a Boys Only Club.

I am really awaiting for the dollar to collapse and the niggers starting to murder whites in Western cities that will surely become killing zones so that I may make real friends over the internet: real white men.

Meanwhile it’s a shame that this Jew Auster says truths about women’s role that the second generation of WNsts don’t dare to say; not even Covington! (not sure about Linder).

To make a long rant short: a) take women out of the job market (except from traditional women’s professions like nursing and teaching kids, for example) and b) strip them from their political rights and most of our problems will be solved immediately.

a) Women in the job market depreciate the value of the male workforce by 50%. Moreover, the right of women to have a career is detrimental to the birthrate of a nation. Put women in the workforce and a demographic winter will follow, just like the night follows the end of a day.

b) Give women the right to vote and socialism / leftism / liberalism will ensue just as naturally as AIDS will ensue from an unchecked HIV infection. Women spontaneously vote on the left because it is the left that will pander to their worst instincts.

While women should be free from real oppression, such as the sort of barbaric treatment Muslim societies applies to them, and while they should have the right to be educated, have freedom of speech on par with men, and access to private property, a free, traditional society won’t exist for long outside of the realm of patriarchy which, by its turn, is the nemesis of women in the job market and women’s suffrage.

Is it a coincidence that Western societies derailed as soon as women started working outside of the home and started voting?

And these two measures would also lead to a healthy side effect: women would be excised from the realm of public opinion. What we call “public opinion” is at least 50% the women’s views on things. Why has the death penalty disappeared from the judicial systems of the Western nations? Why can’t the White nations simply round up all non Whites and send them to where they came from? Why didn’t the US simply nuke Afghanistan with a couple of neutron bombs as a retaliation for 9/11, thereby saving trillions of dollars spent in a stupid attempt to civilize those animals? Because women don’t like these ideas and we are supposed to take their opinions seriously.

This madness must end. And the only way to achieve this is by turning all women into homemakers with no right to vote nor to influence public affairs.

while they should have the right to be educated, have freedom of speech on par with men, and access to private property…

Sorry that I disagree with this one. Here in Mexico the only group that keeps its Aryan genes intact are the Mennonites, and they don’t allow their women… to even learn Spanish!

As to property, once you allow these creatures to inherit millions, they start behaving like Basic Instincts with Sharon Stone with a lesbian girlfriend and humiliating males as her sport (pic: during the interrogation scene just before showing her pubic hair to the male interrogators).

You say you are a literary man. Well, I am an absolute fan of Jane Austen. In her novels you see that the English inheritance laws were designed precisely to force their fair ladies to marry.

Austen-world girls were the very antithesis of creatures like those characters Sharon Stone likes to play.

You need some sort of checks and balances even when it comes to radical measures.

Keeping women plain illiterate is downright mean. I dont think you’ll find anyone willing to support such a measure — well, except for Muslims, of course. If you had your way, Jane Austen would not have written anything. Nor George Eliot. Nor Emily Bronte — and there go the best 3 novel writers in English.

Besides, you are not taking in regard the full consequences of making women into non-persons from a legal point of view, as you appear to be proposing. It is true that women in Jane Austen’s England had no right to inheritance. And it is also true that just in London at the same period there were hundreds of thousands of poor wreched women working as prostututes to make a living. We should be careful not to make half of the population become all too vulnerable to life’s unexpected adversities.

I’m comfortable with excising women from the public life of a future White homeland, depriving them from any political rights and forcing them back into the role of homemakers, obeying to their fathers and husbands. But turning them into illiterate, legal non-persons is pointless, counterproductive and downright cruel.

“Keeping women plain illiterate…”

18th and early 19th century England, my model. Women can learn to read and write, like the Bronte sisters; but at home, as girls of good families used to do.

Though these, whose intelligence is stricken by greed, perceive no evil in the extinction of families and no sin in treachery to friends, yet, O Janardana, should not we, who clearly see evil in the extinction of a family, learn to refrain from this sinful deed?

On the extinction of a family, the immemorial rites of that family disappear. When the holy rites disappear, impiety overtakes the whole family.

By the prevalence of impiety, O Krishna, the women of the family become corrupt. Women corrupted, there will be intermingling of castes, O descendant of Vrishnis.

Confusion of castes leads the family of these destroyers of families also to hell; for, their forefathers fall, deprived of the offerings of rice and water.

By these evil deeds of the destroyers of families which cause the intermingling of castes, the eternal duties of castes and families are subverted, and all evils follow.

We have heard, O Janardana, that necessary is the dwelling in hell of the men whose family duties are subverted.

Alas! we have resolved to commit a great sin, inasmuch as we are endeavoring to slay our kinsmen out of a craving for the pleasures of dominion.

It would be better for me, if the sons of Dhritarashtra, with arms in hand, should slay me unarmed and unresisting in the battle.

The passage describes prince Arjuna lamenting to the god Krishna that he is being forced to kill his own friends and cousins in battle, as they have sent out to invade and pillage the land of his brothers, or something to that effect.

Even though he knows his relatives are evil-minded he cannot bear to defend himself, as fratricide leads to nihilism, which leads to feminism, which leads to miscegenation, which leads to damnation.

Most of the poem then consists of Krishna explaining to Arjuna why he nonetheless has an obligation to fulfill his duty (dharma) and fight against his own relatives when they’ve become corrupted, rather than flee or purposefully die so as to remain blameless for the horrors of war.

When Buddha decided to allow female nuns/disciples to occupy places of influence the monks were against it. They felt it would weaken the teaching, socialize the teaching to reduce its rigor. The Vedas and Upanishads were the same way, the teachings were for men. There is no “compassion” as we know it. The seers behaved according to the circumstances, right or wrong to them resided in duality/ignorance. They were moved to right action because they were in contact with Pure Awareness which allows proper responses to events, but at the same time would not foster theft, murder, etc. Also, women voting is the main source of increased budgets in the U.S. government. Women naturally vote for social services, constitutional or not. Given all this the problems in the u.s. may be insurmountable as is and may only be reversed via civil war and real social collapse. Alex

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