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On feminism

Some time ago John Thames wrote, and quoted, the texts below:

Woman, to a very real extent, is the “natural born Jew” of the universe. She thinks that man exists to serve her the same way the Jew thinks that the gentile exists to serve him.

To my enlightened female critics: Since you do not like my opinions, let me infuriate you with some more clear thinking. Let me describe to you American society as it existed before “sex discrimination” became a problem.

In 1950’s America, women work to support men who stay home and raise the children. Women give men the house, the furniture, the car and all the money in divorce court. Women pay massive child support and alimony to automatic custody fathers. Women suffer 400,000 battlefield deaths in WW2 while Jimmie the Riveter works in the factories back home. Women go down with the Titanic so that men and children can climb on the life boats. Women work themselves into a seven year shorter life expectancy so that men can inherit 80 percent of all the personal wealth of the country, paid for by women’s effort. Now tell me why men should have all the high paying jobs too?

As for Dear Old Mommie and her burdensome diaper changing duties, preach it to me as you throw unwanted babies into the garbage can down at the abortion clinic. Your concern for your own child (the ones you decided to keep) is truly touching.

Women are basically Jews. They think they can do no wrong. Far from being victims of sex discrimination, women are the most pampered, parasitical, good for nothing pieces of ass on planet earth. I enjoy The Spearhead, although it is completely gutless on the Jews. As to your idiotic female logic, it merely demonstrates a truth my mother once told me: “The worst mistake men ever made was giving women the vote. Women have no brains and by giving women the vote, men gave women the power to screw everything up.”

No truer words were ever spoken.

Feminism in ancient Sparta

Feminism is not a modern invention, as many suppose. It existed in the ancient world—and its consequences were largely the same as now. A classic example is the Greek city-state of Sparta.

It would shock most people to know that the famous warrior state was a paradise for women, relatively speaking but it was. The Spartans granted educational and economic equality to women—and it contributed greatly to their eventual downfall. Spartan girls were given the same curricula as the boys and encouraged to engage in sports. They were also granted the right to hold property in their own name and inherit property on an equal basis. The Spartan economy was largely agricultural. While Spartan men were away on war Spartan women ran the household and controlled the finances. As much as 35-40 percent of Spartan land was owned by women some of whom became quite wealthy.

Sparta suffered quite a decline in its birth rate during its decline. Some of this was caused by economic factors, such as limiting reproduction to avoid splitting up estates and inheritances. But much more, it was caused by the independence of women. Women were too busy being “liberated” to bother with the necessities of reproduction. In several centuries time, the total number of Spartiae (Spartan citizens as opposed to the helots and half-citizens) had declined from 7000 down to 700 (a 90 percent drop). Spartan sterility was remarked upon by many observers, particularly the Romans. The Spartans eventually reached the stage where they could no longer replace their losses in war. They were conquered by the Romans and ceased to exist. Spartan women were noted for their adulteries, particularly in their later stages of decline. There was no stigma attached to adultery and Spartan women could violate marital vows with relative impunity.

The similarity of all this to modern feminism is striking. The sterility, the free love, the equal educational and athletic opportunities, the female control of the economy are, in essence, the same trends observable today. And this brings up the key point: Totalitarian societies, past and present, do not enslave women, they liberate them. It was so in the ancient world; it was so in Jewish-Marxist Russia; it is true in the degenerating and decaying society of today.

Feminism and the fall of Rome

Feminism is not a new thing. Neither is it a sign of progress, as some imagine. It has flourished in the past with results as disastrous as presently. Many parallels exist between the feminist movement in the Roman Empire and the feminist movement of today. In the early days of the Republic, Rome was extremely patriarchal. The father, the Pater familias, held the power of life and death over his wife and children. This system lasted until roughly the end of the Second Punic war against Carthage. Then began a vast movement for the “liberation” of women. The war had, in a sense, been won by women. The Romans had lost the entirety of their manpower in three consecutive defeats at the hands of Hannibal Barcas. The final disaster came at Cannae where 60,000 Romans were surrounded and stabbed in the back.


When women had grown back the dead soldiers and the final defeat of Hannibal was achieved at Zama, Roman women demanded freedom. One of the first concessions granted to them was the repeal of the law against luxury. The repeal of this law allowed Roman women to flaunt their wealth in public. No longer did they have to practice frugality as matron of the household. Next they acquired the right to enter minor political office and the right to practice infanticide and abortion.

The Roman birth rate plummeted and vice and corruption spread among Roman men. A general strike against marriage ensued and the Emperor Augustus tried to revive reproduction with a bachelor tax. It was all to no avail. The situation became so outrageous that a famous Roman remarked that “We Romans, who rule the world, are ruled by our women.” The poet Juvenal remarked that the Roman aristocracy “divorced to marry and married to divorce”.

At the same time that this female liberation was taking place the Empire was overrun by swarms of slaves and racial aliens. Like many European cities today, it became difficult to find a genuinely Roman face in Rome. Diversity, like feminism, greatly contributed to the fall of the Empire. By the Empire’s end, the legions which had conquered the world were half Roman and half barbarian (rather like the American army today, where increasing numbers of Third Worlders proliferate). When Rome fell, the female irresponsibility which had so greatly contributed to the Empire’s downfall made a severe impression on the fathers of the Christian Church. They made a point to yoke females and to impose the virtue of chastity. Given what they had witnessed during the fall of Rome the misogynist viewpoint of the early Christian elders can hardly be criticized.

The parallels of all this to modern day America can hardly be disputed. Although America is not Rome the same trends, particularly that of the female unleashed, are evident. Women, throughout history, are either the bedrock of a social structure or the dissolvers of the social structure. In early America, as in early Rome, women were baby makers and home makers. In latter day America, as in latter day Rome, women are imitation men and unborn baby killers. The consequences are the same, then as now.

I could go on and on. It wouldn’t take a race-realist reactionary person but a few weeks of reading the “manosphere” to understand why white women will not join us [white nationalism] in large numbers. White men need to become “sex realists” too and understand that white women will not change until things are in a bad way.

22 replies on “On feminism”

Spot on. Feminists are the scum of the earth. Truly they are the most selfish humans in existence, willing to sacrifice all of civilization for their solipsistic inanities. And what do they use their freedom to accomplish? Where are all the genius liberated women artists or writers? They don’t exist because all women use their freedom for is hedonism.

Oh! How thrillingly original! MORE White Wimp Whining, and Blaming of the Female!

Sorry , dear. No can bleed for you. White men had it ALL, and White men threw is all away with both hands. As far as women being mannish/castrating beeyiches, etc – yawn. Nature abhors a vacuum. When men ceased to BE men, and ran off to play with all their newly-created mechanical toys, and worship Darkies in “their” childish sports games, instead of keeping the reins in hand on their own civilizations, and willingly, pantingly, droolingly dumping their wives and families for the PlayBoy Jew Hefner lifestyle (why deal with that fat-assed old broad – the wife and mother – when you can have a brand new Bunny Girl EVERY night? Hugh the Jew SEZ you can!) – women rushed into the breerch. Women are not very good at being men, are they? Women are supposed to BE men. Men are.

White MEN let it all happen.

The blame lies with YOU.

I agree that the blame lies on men who liberated women but would like to change the subject and say something else.

Hunter Wallace published that piece two years ago, where one of the commenters said what I just quoted in the above entry. What I want to say is for the record:

In those times I sided Greg Johnson against Hunter in flaming debates. Hunter harbored hard feelings against me and in that very thread he said things about me that I haven’t said at all: that I advocated raping white women who don’t join the movement, and even something libelous about molesting young nymphets!

That was Hunter at his worst (it reminded me his debate with Trainspotter a year before when he said lies about Trains) but again, that was two years ago and we are on friendlier times now.

However, I must keep the record straight, especially since you participated in that thread two years ago. Everything I have said about women you can find it here, in the entries on “women”, “feminism”, “sexual liberation”, etc. Two years ago my views were completely misrepresented at Occidental Dissent.

This is one of the reasons I don’t want to discuss at OD anymore. The flaming debates are really, really nasty…

I agree with you Denise. Pornography is powerful, and it has made it difficult for men to meet their match. The average-looking man now only wants a beauty queen: a woman for better-looking for a woman than he is for a man.
The World War 2 men married the girl next door… and were happy!! Those marriages lasted 50-60 years. THAT was community.

But men today are too pornofied to go that route.

I’m getting the feeling that a lot of these men on these sites are dreaming: they want perfect physical specimens for wives, who are going to be subservient. In the economy to come, EVERYONE is going to be working (probably in the fields; and yes, that includes her). Even though women ‘stayed home’ back in the day, the married couple was a TEAM. Ask any farm couple about that.

Ask my farmer grandparents about that- grandma did work in the marriage license division, but came home to pick vegetables and can them. She sewed, ran animals, took care of fruit trees, raised bees. Many women worked outside of and inside of, the home.

Our problem today is so many people earn their living doing corporate work for the Cathedral, not for themselves. This last generation gloried in consumerism- lethal thing.

Believe this or not, abortion was a family affair- taken care of at home. My great grandmother was a midwife- and they also performed abortions!! So don’t demonize it.

The white women are out there- but you young men are going to have to come back down to earth to find her.

Hurry up, the dark hour grows near

White men never did anything to “corrupt” white women. You women ran wholesome into the arms of the enemy.

Chechar pointed out how in two civilizations which were roughly free from Jews, white women have been at the root of the problem of the downfall, both in Sparta, in Rome, and in other civilizations of aryan origin (Egypt, Sumeria, and India come to mind).

Ad now you want to shift blame back to white men in your emotional rage, you stupid whore. Your entire comment reminds me why I crafe a white nationalism that is myogenistic, and is deeply patriarchical, why I hate white women and their incredible insipid petty selfishness.

You aren’t a perfect angel, and you aren’t blameless for our race’s soon demise. You have all helped to abuse young white men, help our racial enemies, and starge our people of the one thing which is best in life, family. I hope you can re-rationalize your blaming of chechar, just as you read this you’re rationalizing blaming me for your whole sex’s debauchery and degeneracy. You will find a reason to blame white men, just as all white women do.

Go on, attack us. We are the “real problem” right? We caused white women to whore around, to take up positions against their men, attack their boys, and exile their own fathers and husbands from their own children.

Go on, your pride in your “purity though whoredom” demands it– if only your sex would humble and submit itself to the love of their men, sparta would still live, rome and egypt would still live, and so would our race.

I don’t respect you, no real man would– and no real man would ever take a woman’s opinion seriously on anything.

P.S. – Feminism is a Jew Thing. Why did you allow White women to fall prey to this slave pit? Where you too busy with your sports cars, and your Nightly Bunny Girls?

My grandparents were working class, they weren’t plagued by sports cars and playboy bunny models. Most Whites can say the same.

Also my problem with women isn’t primarily them being “mannish” or domineering, but rather them being dishonest, narcissistic, greedy, and infantile. Urban men tend to have the same problems, though they’re not as severe. Jews have this problem in spades, probably from living as urban parasites for millennia.

If I had to theorize an origin for the feminist problem it would probably be (A) a spiritual decline (Christianity’s death) leaving people without a sense of purpose and identity, which in turn stops people from mounting a self-asserting resistance against (B) the capitalist desire to lower wages and break solidarity among working men, and to promote a female-driven consumer-culture that has people spending their lives pursuing goods which don’t make them happy, with this agenda further supported by (C) Jews, Marxists, homosexuals, sociopaths, and other agents of social decay that instinctively side with materialism and decadence against even their ostensible charges (the average woman, the working class, etc).

Since then class (C) has taken over the movement, as they seek to rob working men of ever greater amounts of their pay and make society increasingly dysfunctional and putrid. Class (B) mostly genuinely wants “equal(ly low) pay for equal work”, since that’s what they consider optimally efficient. This is how we know the modern feminist story about women being paid unequal wages is bullshit (cui bono?), not that we need support “equality” in any case.

[TOO article link: “Goy Figure: How Gentiles Just Don’t Get It”]

Exactly, whites continue to believe that the Jews have conscience about their actions and not speak of white liberals brain dead, or whites partially wake. I’m talking about HBDS aware of the Jewish psyche. While nationalist parties continue to believe that the laws that their ancestors created will save them or credit them, are sadly mistaken. These laws were created by large dead white males, the hostile elite does not have tenure in go over each of these laws, or worse, reinterpret them at their pleasure, to fit in the maximum

It’s good for the Jews?

Whites design your bio culture over others, because of its universal nature of morality. Therefore, they believe that black people for example will thank them for the great help he has received, especially liberals. White thinks that others will act as white, ie, as civilized, but they forget that different evolutionary pressures created different minds around the world and certainly the Jew is the most opposite in comparison to genuine white mentality. Believe, even when you have a brief knowledge about the Jews, that they will ever be honest, is another sign of weakness of the white man, believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

Talk about a serious report!! Thanks, Chechar, and surely appreciated all the comments (w/ special thanks to Denise and Tina, of course).

Just one small addendum. I wrote the essays on Roman and Spartan feminism myself.

John Thames


Sex Equality Office

November 2, 1963

Her Majesty’s Government favor the establishment of sex equality provided that nothing be done which would endanger the pre-existing privileges and immunities of God’s Chosen Sex or which would endanger the God given right of women to have it both ways. Sex equality aims at reasonable biological distinctions in which women always come first and men always come last. The right of men to be sacrificed on the altar of women and children first shall not be prejudiced in the “national home” of gender equity. I shall be grateful if you will bring this declaration to the attention of Arlington National Cemetery and its rows of male crosses.

Lady Balfour Goldstein-Friedan
Secretary of Sex Equality

You see nothing conflicting between this statement (establishment of Rome as a Chrirtian state approx 310-330 AD) ?

And your earlier statement that feminism caused the fall (Fall of Rome 410-476AD).

Feminists did something >200 years before Rome’s fall that was the root cause while Alaric sacking Rome in 410AD was merely a footnote ?

Go on then Historian.

Give me the activities/philosophies that you identify as “feminism in ancient rome”.

Dates would also be nice, but I can go off of whatever you regard “ancient roman feminism” as because I can probably date most of it myself.

Where did the feminists do to create the fall. Presumably greater than 200 years before it occurred ?

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