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For those who still don’t believe
that the dollar will crash

Rarely I read newspapers in Spanish. My contempt for those who mixed their blood, and even for those who have not do it but who see nothing wrong with such mixing, is infinite. So much so that I have not a single friend in the town where I share the air with twenty millions…

However, out of curiosity in the case of Zimmerman’s acquittal, today I read a note on page 16 of the paper edition of the Mexican newspaper Reforma, which reproduced today an article of El País Internacional, “21 Arrested in Protests Against Racism” (my translation) by Yolanda Monge.

george-zimmerman closeup

The nigger who assaulted the mestizo Zimmerman wanted to “be a gangster” in his own words. But Yolanda omitted to say that Zimmerman, whose beaten-up face appears in the photo, was in danger of being killed when the savage was beating his face and banging his skull on the street floor.

Yolanda does not say a word—nothing!— that Zimmerman was being crushed when in self-defense he pulled the trigger.

This voluntary surrender to evil of the Mexican Reforma, the Spanish El País Internacional and those morons who buy, read and swallow such a press is hardly conceivable. After all, lots of them are as mestizos as Zimmerman! But I’d like to limit myself in recounting an autobiographical vignette that could explain the hatred I feel for today’s Mexico City.

As a child I lived a few blocks from where the Reforma edifice would be built. It was a vacant lot and, to get there from my house, I had to walk alongside other huge vacant lots: so huge in fact that children used to fly their kites on those wide and flat spaces.

Now on that same street where my grandmother’s house still exists, the San Lorenzo Street in Colonia Del Valle, they have constructed large masses of soulless buildings, and the whole colony has been flooded with crowds of Neanderthals that sprout from an underground metro station that did not exist when I was a kid. Moreover, the brown scrum that took over my former neighborhood carries with them countless street stalls that bastardize the public view of what had been my peaceful Del Valle.

The destruction of my house’s surroundings explains part of my desire for payback against Naco City (“naco” is the equivalent of nigger in the United States, although it only refers to slightly intermixed Amerinds).

I have no wish to be cannibalized by the nacos in the near future, when the dollar crashes. But I must say that those who still believe that it won’t collapse have to spend some of their time listening how Schiff debates the non-Austrians (just click on the above link, on the word “gangster”).

Escaping Naco City is the highest priority in my life. If I could escape not only the city but the entire Nacoland I could even indulge myself to learn that those who destroyed my nostalgic referents are starting to starve, after the crash…

4 replies on “Nacoland”

El País is almost 100% jewish propaganda (on the marxist side), as the “Jew York Times” has a share on it; they even include a NYT inlet on wednesdays, I think. (I´m not sure on which day as I don´t lay my eyes on it often). El Mundo is not any better, but is more in line with the ziocon pro-Israel bias. The jewish propaganda in all spanish newspapers is becoming more blatant day by day. Lately I´ve started to spot more jewish surnames in journalist writers in spanish media.

I´m not sure, but I suspect that the arcaic spelling in “Monge” is a clear sign to me of sephardic ancestry. We get also a lot of trolls from Argentina in comments sections of alternative media ( if I remember well it´s the 3rd country in the world in jewish population).

Do you know who owns El Mundo or El País? I thought that Reforma was owned by Catholics from Monterrey, but that info might be incorrect. It is shocking that so-called conservative papers like Reforma, that some say is the best newspaper in Mexico, are spreading this hate against the West.

Here is a graph that includes the ownership of all the MSM in Spain, with their respective share quotas, you´ll be surprised of some of the connections:


We´re sold out.

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