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Degeneracy Homosexuality

Greg Johnson’s lunacies

This pic of a transsexual appears in one of the “About me” pages of James O’Meara’s blogs. Just compare this grotesque fellow with the nymph at the sidebar with the background of blue sky and sea: my absolute inspiration to fight for the survival of the fair race…

In this thread on Occidental Dissent the blogger “MOB” wrote:

Greg Johnson responds to these [“homophobic”] threads, as he’s done before, by placing James O’Meara front and center today. In your face. It says to readers and contributors at Counter-Currents, if they want me, you have to take my foul-smelling monkey, too. The second I saw the name, I clicked out of the site.

It’s because Greg is such a strong thinker and writer that he does more damage than his weird monkey whose brain is steeped in 60’s purple haze. Greg speaks and writes eloquently about White values, while at the same time he adamantly promotes a person who, in interviews and writings, pushes an agenda that is completely contrary to White values.

Good White nationalists who want to be able to believe in Greg massage their instinctive resistance until they can do that.

On another racialist site, Majority Rights, Captainchaos said:

According to Greg Johnson racial preservation is “decadent”. Johnson favors expanding the franchise of Whiteness to include Turks so presumably he does not oppose the mixing of Turks with Northern Europeans. This is nothing short of a recipe for racial nihilism. Now, as far as I am concerned, that is infinitely better grounds for condemning Johnson’s work as essentially frivolous, if not maliciously misleading rather than his alleged enrichment by Jews that can only be “proven” to exist in the imagination of Johnson’s accuser [paranoid monocausalist J. Richards].

On the same thread another commenter added:

So nobody else finds it strange that Greg Johnson trashes Christianity on the web, but gives sermons about Jesus in real life? Is he lying to the Christians he preaches to, or to us? And doesn’t it say something about him either way?

I find it quite revealing that the Counter-Currents’ readership is sending money to Johnson instead of sending it to other racialists that potentially could have webzines as stunning as Johnson’s—without degeneracy, lunacies or dishonesties involved.

2 replies on “Greg Johnson’s lunacies”

This is another of the posts I’ve relocated from the Addenda to this site. Incidentally, on July 23, 2016 at The Daily Stormer I spotted these excellent paragraphs:

The gays, who are ostensibly a part of the “alt-right,” are not really on our side. Their agenda is to transform the alt-right to suit them, just like they transformed the left. Communism used to be about nationalizing the means of productions or something – but it somehow became about tranny rights and sodomy. In the same way, these gays are trying to redefine the alt-right to be friendly to their degeneracy.

Well, tough luck, fags. The alt-right is just a euphemism for Nazism. And Nazism is based on the eternal laws of nature itself. It’s incorruptible.

We don’t need to attack these “Nazi homos” (lol). They can serve their purpose in the grand scheme of things. But never forget that these people are not our allies. Never allow them to redefine or even influence our positions on anything. Never forget that they have an agenda which ultimately is hostile to the survival and health of our civilization.

Since I believe in reincarnation, I think homos happen because after having a string of lives as a female, one switches to being male (a so-called switch life) and, in effect, the habit of those many previous lives as female makes that male in that switch life a homo in terms of their sexual desire, at least initially.

And likewise for someone who has had many male lives in a row and then switches to being female (a lesbian in that switch life). This line of thinking is detailed in footnote [158] at https://solitoncentral.com/ciy-7/#fn158

This explanation is consistent with the simple fact that homos are a small percentage in every race. Also, I am not homo myself, being instead a so-called straight male. However, the reincarnation explanation for homosexuality is a reason to be tolerant of their existence and not impose penalties on them.

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