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Europe in dormition

by Dominique Venner,
translated by Greg Johnson

Translator’s note: The term “dormition” refers to the Eastern Christian tradition of the “falling sleep,” i.e., the death, of the Virgin Mary, who then immediately rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. In Venner’s sense, Europe appears dead but is merely sleeping and will soon awake.

The Virgin’s Dormition in Stockholm Nationalmuseum

Since the end of the two World Wars and their orgy of violence, Europe “entered into dormition.” Europeans do not know it. Everything is done to conceal this fact. But this state of “dormition” continues to weigh us down. Every day, European impotence is clear. The latest proof came during the Euro zone crisis in the spring of 2010, which demonstrated profound divisions and the powerlessness of a unanimous political will. The proof of our “dormition” is equally visible in Afghanistan, in the humiliating role of auxiliary forces assigned to European troops at the disposal of the United States (NATO).

The state of “dormition” is the consequence of the catastrophic excesses of the murderous, fratricidal frenzy perpetrated between 1914 and 1945. It was also the gift of the US and USSR, the two hegemonic powers resulting from the Second World War. These powers imposed their systems, which were foreign to our intellectual, social, and political tradition. Although one has since disappeared, the toxic effects are still felt. We are, moreover, wallowing in a guilt without equivalent. According to the eloquent word of Elie Barnavi, “The Shoah has risen to the rank of civil religion in the West.”

But history is never motionless. Those who reach the summit of power are condemned to go down again.

It bears repeating, moreover, that power is not everything. Power is necessary to exist in the world, to be free for one’s destiny, to escape subjection to political, economic, ideological, or criminal empires. But power is not immune to the maladies of the soul capable of destroying nations and empires.

Although threatened by many quite real dangers and ever sharper conflicts of interests and intentions, Europeans today are first and foremost victims of these diseases of the soul. Unlike other peoples and civilizations, Europeans are deprived of all self-awareness. It is the decisive cause of their weakness. If you believe their leaders, they are without past, roots, destiny. They are nothing. And yet what they share is unique. They are privileged with the memory and the models of a great civilization attested since Homer and his founding poems.

The many heavy trials on the horizon, the weakening of the powers that dominated us for so long, the upheavals of a henceforth unstable world, indicate that the Europe’s “dormition” will not be eternal.

18 replies on “Europe in dormition”

His intentions were heroic; I just wish he had kept writing instead. Revilo Oliver is remembered not for shooting himself, but for the masterpieces he wrote before he did so.

Of course, if it turns out that Venner somehow has sparked a European renaissance with his sacrifice, then his sacrifice will be proven to have been not only morally justified, which it already is, but strategically justified.

Not at all silly, simply break out of the Conservative mold. If gay marriage is bad for France, it would be bad for Algeria. And Algerians hurt France. Do you get it?

I agree with you. What you propose is an ideological version of the Communist policy of supporting terrorism abroad but suppressing it at home; WN would be well-advised to absorb the useful elements of Jewish and Jew-derived strategy.

Yes, that’s a good point. However, the anti-German German parliament, doubtless under pressure from Yids and Yankees alike, reversed the Cologne ruling, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the momentum seemingly gained in Scandinavia were to vanish into thin air. In San Francisco, a measure banning circumcision was proposed, but it was struck from the ballot under pressure from the usual suspects (supposedly, because such matters may not be regulated at the city level, but only at the state level):


Jewish strategies are generally effective, although I think the Moslem strategy of the “demographic bomb” is worth imitating also. Only the National Socialists and the Moslems have proven capable of stopping the Jews.

In any case, perhaps these tactics, designed as they were for Third World people, are alien to Whites, but, then again, so is Christianity, and I think a White version of Judeo-Islamic survival tactics — presumably without the barbarism — would be useful.

It is very easy to create Anti-Semitic demographic bomb, that hurts Moslems as well; spread the idea that abortion is worse than the holocaust (50 million kills a year, against 6 million total). It is far easier then writing voluminous tomes about how the holocaust never happened. Moslems as well use the holocaust to advance their agenda. The dhimmi, the infidel Christian should believe in the holocaust if it were up to them. Nasty against the Radical Left is the idea that flaying animals alive in the fur industry could be worse than the holocaust.

I have no problem with abortion — as long as the babies being aborted are non-White or belong to White race traitors whose DNA should be removed from the gene pool. The National Socialists killed some Jews; I’m not sure if they marked Jews for destruction as a race, but if they did, it was justified. Of course, flaying innocent animals alive is much worse than shooting race traitors or Jews in the back of the head or sterilizing them, and I think many people would agree with that. I think we’re on the same page. 🙂

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