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On body-snatched pods

I never, ever read the newspapers or columns written by Body-snatched Pods but yesterday I broke my rule and read a piece, “El asesino en la puerta de al lado” in the grotesquely called “rightist” Mexican paper Reforma.

I was appalled by what the über-Pod Jorge Volpi said about Nazis, Jews, “los indígenas y los ladinos” (the Amerinds and the Iberian whites) and the South African apartheid in the context of the recent falling in disgrace of former anti-leftist dictator Efraín Ríos Montt.

In today’s article that Manu Rodríguez sent me about these people, Manu said:

This is for you; for the vain, ignorant, confused and hypocritical leftists and progressives.

You lack shame and truth. Your language is as insidious as the Muslims’ and the Jews’ talk. Like them you use the wildcard “democracy and freedom” to thrive in our free societies; and also like them, to the people who complain about the “progress” and the “intolerant” and intolerable behavior of our enemies, you accuse of racists. You try so to disarm, conceptually, the only defenders of liberty in our lands. You are a disgrace to the fine concept of liberty, as well as to all those who defended it with their own life. They will shudder with horror before your stupidity, and your dangerous behavior. You have chosen our enemies, you have chosen our evil. You are the shame of our world.

You are blind, hypocrites, vain, yea; ignorant, unconscious, unreflecting; clumsy, ill-fated. You are “useful idiots” in the service of Islamic totalitarianism or the Jewish power in our world; and if you dislike this epithet, will you prefer being considered an accomplice of their threats?

What is your stance? Are you afraid of Muslims or Jews if you give the cold shoulder to them? Afraid that you may not to be considered a “democrat” or a “good person”? Are you more concerned about their opinion than the opinion of your own brothers and countrymen? Silly, they only blackmail that morally at you; a trick so old! You are really an idiot.

I don’t know what to think of you, what to say to you about your sad role in the historical circumstances that we live in. Wake up. Stop contributing to our, and your, destruction. You don’t play another role from that of the traitor (conscious or unconscious).

This is the memory that will remain of you.

But of course: once a human turns into a Pod he cannot become human again.

3 replies on “On body-snatched pods”

Foucault was fascinated with the punitive nature of power which created docile bodies. But it seems that in America, docile bodies have been produced as a result of the LACK of punitive power.

It’s amazing to me that conformity and mediocrity can be enforced through the exact opposite conditions (affluence and freedom) that one would expect.

Nietzsche speaks about the tension in our soul which leads to greatness; I guess this is what has been destroyed in the majority of white people.

Panem et circenses are the culprit. Fortunately the crash of the dollar will put an end to that.

Volpi may be a fucking mestizo, but what alarms me the most are my white relatives that think exactly like him.

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