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Pride & Prejudice

It took Will Durant more than three decades to write the monumental The Story of Civilization. After finishing the ten volumes of the Story, it followed the essay The Lessons of History, which reflect both Durant’s erudition and his accumulated wisdom. I read The Lessons of History while living in the States and would like to quote some excerpts from one of the chapters, “Biology and History”:

The third biological lesson of history is that life must breed. Nature has no use of organisms, variations, or groups that cannot reproduce abundantly. She has a passion for quantity as a prerequisite to the selection of quality. She does not care that a high rate has usually accompanied a culturally low civilization, and a low birth rate a civilization culturally high, and she sees that a nation with low birth rate shall be periodically chastened by some more virile and fertile group…

There is no humorist like history.

No humorist indeed! Presently the Moslems are gradually outbreeding the Anglo-Saxons, the French, Dutch and the Germans in a Europe that will soon become Eurabia. But how could this have happened?

The 2005 movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is a good start to approach what I said in recent posts about the Jane Austen world, even if the 1995 television series depict more faithfully the early nineteenth-century England. The music of the 2005 adaptation (hereafter referred simply as P&P), composed by Dario Marianelli, mostly for piano and very little for the orchestra, demonstrates that it is a lie that sublime music cannot be composed by whites after the century of Mozart and Beethoven.

Watch the film!

I have posted nine short diatribes against degenerate music in this site—a National Socialist term—, the simian music that even white nationalists seem to be very fond of.

It is impossible to demonstrate objectively that to like contemporary pop music (which must not be confused with folklore) is a symptom of degeneracy, insofar as an intra-psychic emergency from Neanderthalism is a thoroughly subjective dimension. What can be done is to imagine a future ethnostate that re-establishes marriage as the central institution for the white people. After the first and second generation of citizens of the ethnostate pass away, I bet that the surviving grandsons and granddaughters, so imbued in Austen-like sexual mores and memes, will not comprehend why their granddads fell spiritually as low as liking rock music and its heaviest modalities.

Presently Western popular music, television and the overwhelming majority of movies only reflect the utterly rotten souls of the white peoples. It is no coincidence that those white nationalist sites that promote rock and Hollywood also promote homosexualism or heterosexual fornication—never traditional marriage, generous breeding and chastity. What can I say to those nationalists who want a truly traditional ethnostate? That the latest film adaptation of P&P reflects a possible future.

The dollar will crash soon. Social havoc will result especially at the epicenter of the crash: Washington, New York, Los Angeles—precisely the western cities with more non-whites. A huge political change will follow the crash, with a bankrupted US no longer capable of playing Globocop and with all the American military bases called from overseas to deal with the chaos at home. It is not clear what would be the fate of Israel once its sole defender is removed.

Later in this century the monetary/social/political crises will converge with the depletion of oil, as Sebastian Ernst Ronin has been hammering in his Hammer & Anvil site, with no reliable energetic resource capable of replacing it in due time. This will cause mass starvation, especially in the undeveloped countries. The convergence of catastrophes will lead to a world completely different from our own, with country farming as the central lifestyle instead of big cities advocating the glory of Mammon.

If after such convergence white ethnostates are formed, and I believe that Harold Covington has a point in what he describes in his futuristic novels, the ethnostate will likely resemble past centuries with whites living in bucolic Englands and wearing Victorian clothes as a sign of repudiation of the liberal ethos of our centuries.

It surprised me that Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in 1888 that Europe was starting to abandon the institution of marriage in the pursuit of more eudemonistic sentiments. And it surprised me too learning that Francis Parker Yockey wrote that even in the 1940s Hollywood started to promote the ideal of mere romantic loves with no connection to biological reproduction or the perpetuation of our species.


Fortunately, after the Dantesque conditions that the convergence of catastrophes will bring to the western world, the white people will rediscover that Life has a prize: that many young white soldiers will perforce die virgins while defending their new nations, and that each fair, young woman will be bringing lots of white babies to the world even if that means going back to domestic drudgery. Yes, there may still be an occasion for romantic love but the general rule for whites will be to breed generously and to fulfill what Durant called a lesson of history.

The womb of the white nations must be reopened.

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White music untill the early 80ties was nothing to be ashamed off. it was all about white males dominating the world looking for white women using white tools as electrical instruments, fast cars and white media.
White hard rock music approached the classical realm by the likes of edward van halen, steve vai, yngwie malmsteen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cVIOuvDUGE
and bands like Pink Floyd and Queen made fine music not unworth of a long classical tradition. The music of the ’60 was even more inspired and did not suffer into comparison of popular music of the early 20th century.

Even jews,; already heavily dominating (dylan, reed, zappa, fleetwood mac) played a somewhat positive role, simon and garfunkel to name but an exemple. That was untill Summer Redstone THE JEWS took over MTV in 1986. That was the latest piece in total jewish domination of music and the media and the assault of white culture could begin.
Since then popular music is blacks and arabs inciting white females to mate. Off course if you leave the jew out of the equation this is all very chaotic, whu the hell do we allow this shit on our radios and tv screens? Why, but the jew.

Music started to really degenerate within my lifespan. I remember well the 1960s and how the music in the large shops (no malls then) was still not degenerate.

Getting laid in a society that started to de-stigmatize pre-marital sex is directly correlated to the kind of music that you mention. If your spirit is truly amalgamated with Austen-like sexual mores, there’s no way in hell that you would like rock, not even the 1960s rock, let alone its more recent and degenerate derivatives.

Music is the overt marker of the soul. If the soul is rotten to the core the music will express that rottenness. It is no coincidence that those who still believe in the sexual mores of our grandmothers, the traditional Christians, also call rock music the work of Satan.

I believe they are absolutely right (click on the category “degenerate music” and see what do I mean) even if I don’t believe in the existence of Satan, Christ or even a personal God.

One of the reasons why I abandoned the single Jewish cause hypothesis is because I realized that even prominent white nationalists (to drop a couple of names: Greg Johnson and Alex Kurtagic) are part of the problem of Western suicide—just listen to their musical tastes—, and also my subsequent realization that their fans are totally clueless about it.

Again, indulge a little in my thought experiment of a future ethnostate that reverts its sexual mores back to bucolic England (did you watch my YouTube clip?). You will see my point regarding music in that hypothetical state: after a generation of non-Gomorrahite behavior music will obviously reflect the sounder minds of the inhabitants of the new state accordingly.

In a nutshell, the moral problem in the white soul is far more profound than what the average nationalist has suspected even in his wildest dreams. (I know this intuitively because I was born in a family of musicians.)

Before one can understand music, and its relation to the human spirit, one must possess at least a beginning aesthetic theory. Music as a spiritual force is decidedly non-material in form, and as such cannot be understood via an eliminative materialism. That is, we cannot simply say that because we understand notes, harmonics, and the combination of notes into scales, etc., that we therefore now understand music. For the meaning of music is psychological, and always points away from itself toward something either higher in mind, or lower. This has been known since the earliest of times, but now, in our egalitarian world, theorists are wont to remind us how there is no “objective” criteria for judgment, and hence, today, even something as degenerate as “rap” is said to be art, and worthy of serious study in our universities.

…after a generation of non-Gomorrahite behavior music will obviously reflect the sounder minds of the inhabitants of the new state accordingly.

Plato, in his discourse on Eros through aesthetics and education, Symposium, had Eryximachus, champion of techne, speak on the two divinities, Polyhymnia (the goddess of the vulgar song), and her sister, the higher Muse, Urania:

…the old tale has to be repeated of fair and heavenly love -the love of Urania the fair and heavenly Muse, and of the duty of accepting the temperate, and those who are as yet intemperate only that they may become temperate, and of preserving their love; and again, of the vulgar Polyhymnia, who must be used with circumspection that the pleasure be enjoyed, but may not generate licentiousness…

Considering what we today know as music, perhaps it is possible to encounter the vulgar, but only with circumspection, and with a mind on avoiding the licentious. However, such a thing requires both great presence of mind and exceptional will, as the character of Socrates demonstrates.

Also, being inspired, or divine, higher music points toward transcendent spirit. We can all cite the true masters: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Wagner. Indeed, they are rightly called “the immortals”. Whether some may want to include Handel or a few others, it is nevertheless the case that within our pantheon all are Western White men. For it is they who convey our spirit, and it is only they who can rightly do as much.

And what of other, more alien forms? There is no denying the aesthetic beauty of the Kunqu opera, and although one can surely enjoy it as a form of high civilizational art, it is not our art. And while the often introspective work of John Coltrane* may represent the pinnacle of negro inspiration, and inasmuch as it would not be wrong to acknowledge it as so, it is nevertheless not our inspiration, nor is it our pinnacle. Therefore it should be approached with caution, always keeping the admonishments of Eryximachus in mind.

* It should be clear that while the Kun opera is an indigenous form of high art, the work of Coltrane (and others like him such as Pharaoh Sanders or even the odd-ball Sun Ra)is not indigenous at all, but rather exists as a hybrid amalgam that could not have manifest had it not been for the White Western civilization, and the Aryan Vedic philosophical tradition from India.

Obvious that the two previous commentors have zero musical taste. Real music IS WHITE “classical” music. Learn to appreciate Bach, Mozert, etc.

It’s beyond my ken to say what the fate of israel will be after the US collapses. I do know that Kissinger said a few months back, ” Israel has 10 years left “.

Google : ” Kissinger + Israel Has 10 Years Left ” / So the sanhedrin has something planned for israel.

I mention this in passing, as israel is not my concern.

Nothing very good is going to accrue to the white race until Holy Matrimony and Love of Children has a Central place of Honor and Respect in our culture.

An incontinent people are easily ruled and controlled. To paraphrase Plato. That’s why “do your own thing” was pushed so heavily during the 60’s. I say “pushed” because the liberation movements of the 60’s came out of the Frankfurt School, Tavistock, the CIA, etc.

It was/is all meant to weaken the white race so the jews could go on to rule the world and impose a gulag talmudic/noahidic slavery on the world.

The jews are excellent at taking control of countries, but they’re really lousy at keeping the countries they rule viable and sustainable. Israel can Not exist on its own — it only exists because of the massive amount of money from the US and Germany that props up the jew state. Otherwise, the jews are incapable of having their own country. That’s how pathetic the jews are. Eventually, the jew agenda for the US will come crashing down.

I know there’re some good jews, but they don’t have any say in stopping, or even slowing down, the jew commie agenda. The great majority of jews seem to love the communist agenda.

When the SHTF here, I won’t be pointing my fingers at the jews anyhow. I reserve my hatred and disdain for all of the white sell-outs like McCain, and so many others. Like all the whites who love Freemasonry, for example.

The white race is too mercenary : that’s our achilles heel. It seems to run deep in the blood. We produce too many Bomber Harris types. “Sir” Bomber Harris is the one who led the fire-bombing raid on Dresden.

The jew’s new world order is not going to happen. It’s all based on false premises. Nothing built on false premises can stand very long.

In the meantime, don’t give up your guns.

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