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Kemp on France

Excerpted from chapter 26 of March of the Titans: A History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp:

The French Revolution soon took a sub-racial undertone—often it was enough to have blond hair to be declared a noble and be beheaded. This was taken to an extreme under a bloodthirsty period known as the “reign of terror” and led to civil and foreign wars for ten years.

During this period, revolutionary tribunals and commissions beheaded close on 17,000 people—when the numbers of Frenchmen who died in prison or who were shot out of hand is added in, the victims of the Reign of Terror totaled approximately 40,000.

Of those executed, approximately 8 percent were nobles, 6 percent were members of the clergy, 14 percent belonged to the middle class, and 70 percent were workers or peasants charged with draft dodging, desertion, hoarding, rebellion, and various other “anti-revolutionary” crimes.

One step taken by the new French Republic was the official emancipation of the French Jews, and for the first time they were allowed to participate fully in public office in France. For this reason French and European Jewry became outspoken supporters of the revolution.

Striving to establish a “Republic of Virtue,” the leaders of the revolution stressed devotion to the republic and instituted measures against corruption and hoarding—two trademarks of the Church. This led directly to the November 1793 closing of all churches in the Commune of Paris, a measure soon copied by authorities elsewhere in France. A non-Christian cult was established, known as the Cult of Reason, with its main center being the then desanctified Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Although the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars did not result in the importation of any large numbers of non-Whites into France, huge numbers of White Frenchmen, both nobles and commoners, lost their lives in the period from 1789 to 1815, with the Napoleonic Wars alone resulting in the deaths of over a million White Frenchmen—a huge slice of the population at that time, possibly as much as 35 per cent of all able bodied Frenchmen of all ages. The French Revolution itself had dealt a serious blow to the Nordic element of French society, as Nordic features were associated with nobility and made immediate targets for the revolutionary mobs. This led to a denordicization of the French population which is still evident today in the relatively small number of blonds amongst the modern French population.

[After explaining how the Second Republic’s constitution created a presidential republic with a parliament elected by universal male suffrage—one of the greatest blunders of the West that with time would provoke the suffrage for women and non-whites—, Kemp writes about white suicide:]

By 1919, the French population had been battered by more than two centuries of major wars, and had started to go into a serious decline. The French government then started allowing French speaking Black Africans and non-White Algerians into France, mainly for use as labor, but also as army troops, in order to make up population shortfalls. In this way the German territory of the Rhineland was occupied by Black French troops, creating much anger amongst the Germans and becoming a political issue in the latter country.

According to official French statistics, some three million North African Arabic mixed race and African Blacks, all from the French colonies, immigrated into France itself during the period 1919 to 1927. (This figure is probably an underestimation, as it does not take into account illegal immigration, which probably accounted for a least half a million more).

Although the majority of Frenchmen did not integrate with this non-White influx, a significant minority did, creating the inappropriately named “Mediterranean” look associated with the French in certain areas. This integration process did not however reach anywhere near the level of the Spanish, and was certainly nowhere near the Portuguese example. Nonetheless, it is possible to see the traces of the large Black influx in a minority of modern Frenchmen to this day.

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Every day we read worse and worse about the fate of the Nordic man on this website, is there any hope left?

More to the point, I did not know at all certain facts as stated above. The Rhineland occupation by blacks and all the rapes that included (by Morel “horror on the Rhine”), but that blond Nordics were chased at the Revolution I did not know, and I doubt.

Also 3 million Arabs and blacks in the ’20 ties is stunning. Now I understand Hitler’s and Celine’s remarks on the mongrelization of France. I doubt however that in just 4 or 5 generations, blacks can completely dissimilate by becoming unrecognizable, 3 millions at least seems hard to me. I will try to find sources for this, if you have some—great. There should have been some social protest and tension by such an influx, which is not that much less than today’s figure (official decade figure = 6 unofficial… 20 million), as the overall population has grown too.

The claimed historical facts are stunning indeed. I also need external sources to cure my initial skepticism.

What is clear for me is that, with the Nazis destroyed by the Allies, only with Pierce and Kemp a couple of seminal prolegomena for more scholarly histories of the white race in the future have been planted. The mainstream white narratives—Christianity, French Enlightenment, Marxism—have been so alien to race studies that these historical happenings, if factual, remained in the obscurity until Kemp and Pierce started to unearth them.

Be optimist though! After the dollar crashes worldviews will finally start to change in the white world.

There is a certainly an exaggeration and extrapolation on the part of Kemp when he says that “having Nordic features exposed anyone to the revolutionary mobs”. Robespierre himself had Nordic features and dressed as a nobleman 🙂 Terror persecution was much more about your (real or imagined) wealth and ideological hostility to the Revolution than your physical appearance.

But he is globally right on every other aspect.

I happen to be French, as some undoubtedly already know.

France is, to speak frankly, a nigger country in the making, leading the USA by 20 years and Germany by 50 years… In 2025 approximately, a numerical majority of young males in the country will be non-White.. This is a serious calculation, corroborated by some demographers and intellectuals from the French far-right, not an exaggeration. If you add old people, of course, it will take more time. But I don’t care about old people, and neither should you: they are not relevant anymore.

Celine used to remark in the 30s that most Southern French were “narbonoid”, an euphemism for negroid. If he were alive today, he would set the racial frontier he had drawn for France (“everything below the Loire is narbonoid”) a bit higher, to in fact include the whole territory.

One big nest for negroid contamination in France has been the port of Marseille. Since the Middle Ages, it has imported foreign sailors from the Mediterranean area, most of whom got some local girls pregnant during their shore leave.

“The claimed historical facts are stunning indeed. I also need external sources to cure my initial skepticism.”

Well, Gallia Watch is a place where maybe you might check the facts stated in this passage from Kemp’s book. The blog (maybe you’re already familiar with it) is edited by a Frenchman living in the US and I would say it is what comes closest to White Nationalism coming from a French blogger — although I might be wrong, of course. Besides, you may also talk to the French members of the Stormfront webpage at the French forum section and get these facts straight.

But anyway, judging from what I’ve heard time and again from people who have been to France, the country is doomed: niggers (and to a smaller scale, Arabs and Northern Africans) everywhere, especially in the big cities of the country, and rampant miscegenation — the French LOVE amalgamating with non Whites.

However, things are made much worse by the fact that France is the historical epicenter of Western egalitarianism. Just like a woman gives birth to a child, France gave birth to the modern liberal, brain-dead ideology of human equality and in such a position, the very self image of the nation revolves around and is founded in the egalitarian fantasy (just think: the nation’s main monument, its postcard image is a crappy tower erected in honor to a repellent revolution for supposedly equal rights for all human beings).

Except for an all-out civil war, I don’t see any way the decent Whites in France might break free from the non Whites and the treacherous White liberals, their acolytes, because the modern French state is intrinsically and irrevocably liberal / egalitarianist and inheritor of the 18th-century revolution, to an ontological degree that perhaps not even the modern Russian state is the inheritor of their 20th-century communist revolution.

So what would you say to American WNsts? Is it suicide (liberalism run amok after the French Revolution)? Is it homicide (Jews are the main culprits of white demise)? Or is it both?

How about “assisted suicide” for a definition? I had never thought about it, but it just dawned upon me, now that you asked me.

I have come to suspect that American WNsts don’t like Kemp or Pierce’s histories of the white race because both smash the dogma that the JP is the main factor (some would go as far as saying the only factor) of our woes.

“No direct evidence remains on the matter, but it nevertheless seems certain that there was a racial as well as a social difference between patricians and plebeians, with the latter having much less Nordic blood than the former”.

Now that I am rereading Pierce, the above phrase about Rome along with another, “the extension of citizenship to the plebs…”, caught my attention. The fact is that modern whites never actually learnt the most basic lesson of classical history, not even the great Gibbon.

In such passage Pierce was writing of the history of Republican Rome, way before it became a mongrelized empire. You can imagine what happened centuries after when in 212 AD Carcalla passed an edict giving all free non-white males within the Empire Roman citizenship.

“The fact is that modern whites never actually learnt the most basic lesson of classical history, not even the great Gibbon.”

The average human being in any walk of life, irrespective of class, sex, faith, culture, education, etc, can only grasp facts through an extremely summary, simplified prism. In other words, the overwhelming majority of people can only think in terms of platitudes and cliches — the few ones that can think at all. Therefore, it is understandable that the average WN’list feels uncomfortable with a nuanced view of the race question. Raw, complex facts don’t fit well in a cartoonish narrative.

Most Whites are stupid, period. The regular WN’list is less dumb than the common White on the street, but not by a large margin. Try to discuss the historical onus of Christianity for the White race or hint at violence as a legitimate political tool (Breivik, e.g.), and most of them will either walk away from you or try to shut you down.

I believe the WN’list cause must be supported because the preservation of the White genetic stock is the key to the survival of civilization itself as we know it. But having said that, the ultimate distinction among human beings is the one between superior and common men — men like Kemp and Pierce on the one hand and the regular WN’list on the other, for exemple. Hence, perhaps a racialist authoritarian Aristocracy would be make the best form of government in a Whites-only nation, but even this view won’t be welcome by most WN’lists.

I happen to live in France, but am 100% german/dutch descent, no french blood whatsover. I can confirm you that the french situation is hopeless. However is it much easier to write on the internet or discuss among friends or neighbours, the immigration or jewish problem. Germany and Holland are completely brainwashed beyond recognition. Furthermore the average nordic there has an arrogant I know all leftist atitude which makes it impossible to handle him. These people say Hitler was a monster because he put people in camps because they were communists and think today it is OK to jail people in their countries because they do not believe Nato war propaganda. France is a lttle more chaotical and anarchy, more freedom to express oneselves. The jews ar also very visible in France, they have all the places in society. It is a lot easier to discuss the vermin when you can show the actual presidents, faces on TV, those who own all companies are jews. In Holland and Germany the jews are hidden, sort of. You seem a lunatic when you warn of a danger that can’t be seen. In France I can proof in any debate all presidential vandidates are jews and so win singlehandedly.

Still looking fot those 3 million immigrants though in the ’20..

This is an important question though.
Chechar my mind was blown by that portuguese painting of the 1500′,
how those jews and blacks took over society and mingled.
All this makes me wonder how white we used to be? Were we all REAL nordics from Oslo to Lissabon untill then? All white as snow and white bright hair and eyes? Like the french Gaulois are portrayed as blond and red haired in the roman times? Has race mingling killed us off so far that the german resistance of 40-45 was really the last effort to preserve our race? It is scary.

Yes jews are the main problem, as they only know who stupid and naive the goyim is. Or let’s say, to gentle, to nice to survive, not realizing any danger. The nordic lemming just has no clue to it’s own race to the cliffs and the jews just puts the road signs to the fastest way down..

“they only know [how] stupid and naive the goyim is. Or let’s say, [too] gentle, [too] nice to survive, not realizing any danger. The nordic lemming just has no clue to its own race to the cliffs, and the jews just put the road signs to the fastest way down.”

Nature only knows one law: the fittest will survive, the weak will perish. Jews enslaving and parasiting Whites and taking control of their societies, and NAM’s parasiting, expelling, killing and amalgamating with Whites is just businnes as usual as far as nature is concerned. The weak and stupid Whites will be wiped out and the strong ones will survive, preserve their genes and pass them on. With their backs against the wall, the strong Whites will be forced to fight back or disappear and that’s fine: that’s what evolution is all about anyway.

Like I’ve said before here on this blog, I’m deeply pessimistic in the short and medium run, but optimistic in the long run, because the Whites who survive the current disaster will be far stronger than today’s average. You can call it natural selection against an ideological backdrop. This article (link) was published on the Daily Telegraph today and it perfectly illustrates my point: although it is as bleak as it could be, check its very last sentence:

mass immigration is making reluctant racists of us all.

Nature is on our side and there is no running way from it. I don’t regret the disappearance of the liberal western order; I don’t regret the extintion of White liberals, and that’s what we’re talking about here. Do you?


Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know you were French.


What you said in the paragraphs when you wrote about “a cartoonish narrative” and that “most whites are stupid” reminded me what Schopenhauer said in one of his essays about the rarity among the rare that the real thinking individual is. (I must quote Schopen sooner or later.)


Yes: all Europe used to be really white (Indo-European). The anti-Nordicists are just ignorant, insofar as, although real Mediterraneans are white, the overwhelming majority of them have become extinct. Most of what today passes as “Mediterranean” is in fact a mongrel, a product of interbreeding with non-whites. Scandinavia used to be the Indo-European reservoir par excellence. Now they are gone on the path of extinction as well if Business As Usual (BAU) continues.

John again,

Of course we don’t regret the coming extinction of degenerate whites that love BAU. But speaking of acronyms, what’s “NAM”?

Non-Asian Minority — keeping in mind that by “Asian” this acronym means “Northern Asian” i.e, ethnic Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Speaking of Schopenhauer, he was a hard-core race realist; he had no illusions about what the left calls “the people”; he scoffed at the Christian supernatural claims; and he saw women for what they are — child bearers and child raisers. In order words, he was one of us. Rather, back then he was much ahead of the curve of most contemporary WN’lists.

That’s also why they have to make us swallow the scam theory of vitamin B and white skin, that how farther north we go , the whiter we need to be… As if one can get a natural selection through skin color by living in the cold and having only one’s nose sticking out in the freezing cold. O maybe we just were naked before and then we got clothes or, well, never mind..

However chechar I still wonder if the somewhat southern frenchman was sort of a pure celtic once, an from the beginning a little more darker (I mean brownish or auburn not black hair) and smaller than the germanic counterpart. Then again nobody knows what a celt really was..
I’m reading right now a book on the Celts from the beginning 19th century, already it is one melting pot of slaves and soldiers settling amidst the original stock (who evenrt hat might be before the gaulois themselves)..

There is more anti-system criticism in France than in other European countries, thats why the jewish media attacks relentless attacks France

Reading that Telegraph article ‘I feel like a stranger where I live’ I noted this:

Since the start of the year there have been several reports from around London of a more aggressive approach. Television news footage last week showed incidents filmed on a mobile phone on a Saturday night, in the borough of Waltham Forest, of men shouting “This is a Muslim area” at white Britons.
The video commentary stated: “From women walking the street dressed like complete naked animals with no self-respect, to drunk people carrying alcohol, we try our best to capture and forbid it all.”
Another scene showed hooded youths forcing a man to drop his can of lager, telling him they were the “Muslim patrol” and that alcohol is a “forbidden evil”. The gang then approached a group of white girls enjoying a good night out, telling them to “forbid themselves from dressing like this and exposing themselves outside the mosque”.

I couldn’t help have some sympathy with the Muslim viewpoint when I clicked on a link to another article in the Telegraph that led me to:


What is the cause of all this? We need more research, the experts say. But to a dismayed parent, it seems like the horrific result of a massive experiment. Thanks to the internet, our boys and girls are the first children to grow up with free, round-the-clock access to hardcore pornography. Porn has become part of the adult mainstream, colouring everything from advertising to best-selling books like Fifty Shades of Grey. Of course our children are affected.
Diane Abbott, the shadow public health minister, said last week: “I want to highlight what I believe is the rise of a secret garden, striptease culture in British schools and society, which has been put beyond the control of British families by fast-developing technology, and an increasingly pornified British culture.”
It starts young, with pencil cases that carry the Playboy bunny logo and Bratz dolls that look like they have just finished a shift at a strip joint. High-heeled shoes are sold to girls at the age of eight, along with knickers bearing slogans that on an adult would be meant to sound saucy. Campaigns by concerned groups like Mumsnet only stop products like these for a while, until new ones are pushed out.
The pop industry, which aims at hooking kids before they hit puberty, teaches little girls to bump and grind. I’m not a prude, but I have been called one for asking why a 10-year-old was copying the moves in a video in which Rihanna prowls like a dominatrix and sings, “Come on rude boy, boy, can you get it up? Come on rude boy, boy, is you big enough?”

The point being that at least the Muslim youth are fighting the decadent mainstream culture that is destroying everything good in the West. We will never be the majority opinion again so we have to work within the environment we are faced with. !930 to 1945 was the last attempt at creating an Aryan civilization. Now we have to operate more like a minority in a country, like Muslims and Jews do. Develop our own group, culture and spirit that can be the foundation of a new civilization if things all fall to pieces. Evolution will then decide who thrives and who perishes.

[1]930 to 1945 was the last attempt at creating an Aryan civilization. Now we have to operate more like a minority in a country, like Muslims and Jews do. Develop our own group, culture and spirit that can be the foundation of a new civilization if things all fall to pieces. Evolution will then decide who thrives and who perishes.


Those who insist on “saving” entire countries through politics slow us down and harm us.

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