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Morgenthau Plan

Morgenthau Plan “lite”

There are three kinds of thoughtcrime [in today’s Germany] that are punished with prison to five years:

• insulting a foreigner

• denying the truth of the holocaust

• glorifying Nationalsozialism

These laws are in force in West Germany and in Mitteldeutschland as well—whereas everybody can insult a German, deny crimes against Germans before, in and after World War Two, glorify Communism, Islam, and “Democracy”.

You see where this ends. “Re-united” Germany is an “American” colony. Foreign law, foreign culture, foreign music and millions of foreigners are here for a reason: To kill the German Volk.

I often asked myself why they did not kill all Germans after World War Two. But when one understands why they followed Marshall’s plan instead of Morgenthaus’, one understands why we experience a “gentle” genocide.