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Canto d’amore

Painting of the day:

Giorgio de Chirico
Canto d’amore
~ 1914
Museum of Modern Art

3 replies on “Canto d’amore”

Further to what I said yesterday about de Chirico’s “metaphysical” paintings. In the previous page of Man and his Symbols of the one I referred yesterday, the author writes about Song of Love (above): “The marble head of the goddess and the rubber glove are crass opposites. The green ball seems to act as a uniting symbol.”

Unlike modern orchestral music (the charlatanry that started with Schoenberg), I don’t believe that these paintings are charlatanry. On the contrary: very few painters have depicted the soulless zeitgeist of the modern world better than de Chirico. After all, Schoenberg was Jewish; de Chirico’s ethnicity was Mediterranean.

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