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Mental AIDS

Mental AIDS: the collapse of a people’s immune system in the face of its decadence and its enemies. Louis Pauwels coined the term in the 1980s and it set off a media scandal. In general, the more the neo-totalitarian system is scandalized by an idea and demonizes it, the more likely it’s true.

With biological AIDS, T4 lymphocytes, which are supposed to defend the organism, fail to react to the HIV virus as a threat, and instead treat it as a “friend”, helping it to reproduce.

European societies today are [similarly] menaced by the collapse of their immunological defenses. As civil violence, delinquency and insecurity explode everywhere, police and judicial measures that might curb them are being undermined. The more Third World colonization damages European peoples, the more measures are taken to continue it. Just as Europe is threatened with demographic collapse, policies which might increase the birth rate are denounced and homosexuality idealized. Catholic prelates argue with great conviction that “Islam is an enrichment”, even as it clearly threatens to destroy them.

Resistance and Reconquest: faced with their colonization by peoples from the south and by Islam, Europeans, objectively speaking, are in a situation of resistance. Like Christian Spain between the Eighth and Fifteenth centuries, their project is one of reconquest.

Resistance today is called “racism” or “xenophobia”, just as native resisters to colonial oppression were formerly called “terrorists.” A semantic reversal is in order here: those who favor the immigrant replacement population ought, henceforward, to be called “collaborators.”

Revolution: a violent reversal of the political situation, following the advent of a crisis and the intervention of an active minority.

From Faye’s “Metapolitical Dictionary.

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The Catholic Church , who ruined my life, now calls Islam an enrichment. I hate these people.

They used to condemn Islam.

Didn’t Christian forces defeat the Muslims as the Battle of Lepanto? Now they want to give Europe away.

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