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A break

Let’s take a break: not adding new entries to this blog for a couple of months in order to invite visitors to become familiar with a subject that has not been discussed adequately in the nationalist community.

I refer to the legal drugging of children, especially white boys, for purposes of social control, the subject of my previous post.

P.S. of February 21:

I have changed my mind. While it’s true that white nationalists are totally clueless about the fraudulent profession known as psychiatry, recent documentaries and online courses about the forthcoming energy and financial meltdown have moved me not to postpone any longer my next entry.

2 replies on “A break”


At the risk of spamming can I remind all British citizens to sign this e-petition: No to 70 million.

At 100,000 signatures the government is supposed to allow a debate on the matter in parliament, its well past that now but the bigger the numbers the louder the message. I realise its a very mild anti-immigration measure, not nearly enough and of course ‘they’ don’t want to do anything, but thats the beauty of the petition, its so mild that no -one could object to signing it.

I’ve found out about your blog through one of your comments at Counter Currents. Good reading, through and through.

Regards from Spain.

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