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Whites & Jews

The Jews see themselves as a people, and a people at war with every other. Jews are hyper-organized, and they create plans and blueprints in order to control their future.

Whites by contrast, due to whatever cause, see themselves as individuals. They do not feel persecuted. So they join no White groups, and they make no White blueprints. The very notions strike them as bizarre.

The Jews are able to pick us off one by one because there is never intense or obvious enough pressure on any given point to elicit a mass White response.

—Alex Linder

2 Replies on “Whites & Jews

  1. The notorious Martin Gilbert has recently tried to rewrite history and suggest that Lawrence was sympathetic to the Jews over the Arabs. In truth he was more sympathetic to the likes of us than to either — including being pals with explicit sympathiser Henry Williamson who wrote a moving memoir of their friendship that I uploaded here: