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Why I don’t watch TV or read newspapers

Yesterday I picked up a couple of comments from Mangan’s. Here there are two more from another thread:



Wandrin said…

“The typical bribe paid to a television-channel owner was about a hundred times larger than that paid to a politician”

Yup. Democracy + television = mediacracy.

Most people only know about their little slice of reality which on a national scale is maybe 10%. The media fills in the other 90%. If the media lies about or censors the true reality then the whole political process will revolve around that false reality.

I grew up in and also later worked in certain kinds of neighborhood. There was a lot of inter-ethnic violence and the ratio was about 40:1 black on white. Because the media didn’t report any of the black on white attacks as black on white attacks—they were either not reported or no ethnicities were mentioned—but made a huge splash about any white on black attack that literally went on for months, the people outside those areas believed the majority of the problem was white on black.

People literally four miles away believed the media version even though it couldn’t possibly have been further from the truth. This is just an example of how much they can get away with.

It’s staggering really. You could have death camps in Washington DC and as long as the MSM didn’t report it, it wouldn’t matter.


The politicians are the least important part of the process. The MSM are like the air force in the first gulf war. By the time they are finished bombing (manipulating public opinion) all the army (left-liberal politicians) need to do is roll over the start line and start taking prisoners.

Obviously the magic of this form of controlled democracy depends on people trusting the MSM. Without the trust element television loses its power—like it did in the Sov Bloc—and if so the power of the ruling class has to be exercised in a more direct and brutal way.

Daybreaker said…

People think they know a lie when they see one. They forget that you can’t see through what was never reported. That is why the media blackout on undesired information is so effective, and why it’s worth the high price.

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