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For Spaniards…

A younger
Chechar plays
in his home’s garden (ca 1960)

I have been busy these days with my new baby, Nacionalismo criollo as a space for white interests in Spanish language. Due to the many centuries during which the kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula struggled with the Moors, conservative Spaniards are generally more conscious about Islam than most of their Western European neighbors. Although the Spaniards also know the Jews pretty well, Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s work has not been translated to Spanish. This is remarkable, since Spain’s publishing houses are so prestigious that I own scholarly books originally written in German that have been translated to Spanish… but not to English!

As I have said elsewhere, key passages of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together, a monumental work on the history of Russian-Jewish relations had to be translated in the Occidental Observer blogsite. The coward publishing houses in North America and the U.K. declined to translate Solzhenitsyn’s last major work, published since 2001-2002 in Russian.

Similarly, the Jewish Question, as a subject of legitimate inquiry, is taboo not only in the English-speaking world but in post-Franco Spain as well. The Spanish houses have not translated either Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together or Prof. MacDonald’s books.

Therefore, with Prof. MacDonald’s permission I have started to translate his trilogy to Spanish, here.

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Great blog. I stumbled upon it while reading mangans and researching the level of discussing about the Jewish Question in the Counter-jihad movement. Have you involved yourself with the American Third Position Party? a party which primary cause is to advanced the interest of European-Americans (White Americans)?

CT, any hint of ethnic- or Jew-Money- consciousness during the recent demonstrations against austerity measures?

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