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2nd World War Hellstorm Holocaust Salvador Borrego

On Allied criminals, 1

by Salvador Borrego

From the book Alemania Pudo Vencer (Germany Could Have Won, 2009) by the Mexican researcher Salvador Borrego (1915-2018) we present here some translated excerpts in which he talks about the barbarism of the Allies during the Second World War, their criminal leaders, especially Churchill and the psychopathic Eisenhower, against a Germany that was hindering and delaying the implementation of the One World Government, known today as Globalisation:

: The Advance of Barbarism

In his speech on 21 May 1935 (when there was still no talk of war), Hitler pointed out that years earlier it had been agreed internationally not to use expanding bullets; ordinary bullets were enough to put a soldier out of action without causing painful damage. He also recalled that the Red Cross had once stipulated that prisoners be given medical care, food and shelter. Similarly, he added, it could now be agreed that aviation should not drop bombs outside combat zones. This complemented the 230-year-old tradition that armed forces should only fight against armed forces, not against the civilian population.

In line with his proposal, Germany began to build its wartime aircraft with high-precision aircraft, such as the Stuka, which dive-bombed combat forces.

Meanwhile, plans were being drawn up in Britain to build large four-engine aircraft, capable of carrying up to 4,000-kilogram bombs but lacking the characteristics required to participate effectively in battles of armed forces against armed forces.

The Second World War began on 1 September 1939. The British and French empires lined up against Germany. Churchill took command on 11 May the following year and immediately ordered the German city of Freiburg to be bombed.

The British Air Minister, J. M. Spaight, says in his book that the English began to bomb German cities before the enemy proceeded in the same way against them and adds that this is a historical fact which must be publicly admitted as a splendid decision.

There is strong evidence that the Jew Alexander Lindemann advised Churchill to concentrate bombing preferably on residential areas, as this could cause many thousands of casualties among women and children, i.e. the families of soldiers on the front lines. Churchill rewarded Lindemann for his advice by making him a Lord, later known as Lord Cherwell.

Perhaps such advice was unnecessary, for Churchill had a tremendous hatred of the Germans. He went so far as to say that he was anxious to conquer a piece of German territory to piss on it. The English General Fuller was struck by the fact that massive bombing raids were carried out on cities that had no military objective, as was the case with the city of Hildesheim, a perfect example of a medieval city, which had not the slightest military significance, for even the railway junction was outside the city.

Following the entry of the United States into the war, American commanders began to select German military targets for destruction, but Churchill opposed this tactic. At his meeting in Casablanca with President Roosevelt, he asked that American tetra-motors join British aircraft in intensifying their attacks on German residential areas. Roosevelt agreed. Churchill was delighted. Marshal Harris reports that on the night of 28-29 March they set fire to a whole German town, Lübeck; its buildings were much easier to set fire to, given their nature.

Churchill’s profile was not that of a Genghis Khan; not even of a Cromwell. He was highly educated; he was a good orator and his bearing was that of a gentleman. Yet he had no scruple of conscience when he sat down to dinner and his customary glass of brandy in the evening, knowing that his liquid phosphorus bombs were turning thousands of helpless women and children into burning torches and that other mothers with their children were suffocating in the high heat of the fires.

Sir Arthur Harris, the bomber commander, endorses the following account of the Hamburg bombing claiming that 63.5 per cent of the city was destroyed, including its residential areas, ad that due to the combination of thousands of fires, the air became so hot that it created a vacuum which in turn sucked in the surrounding air with an unstoppable centripetal force. The temperature was 600 to 1000 degrees Celsius. The air circulated with immense force, carrying with it incandescent beams and roofs. A hurricane of flames formed, of a violence never seen before. The next day, a cloud of smoke and dust still hung over the city, completely blocking out the sun. This was a greater catastrophe for the Germans than the two atomic bombs against Japan. In Hamburg, 80,000 apple-bursting bombs were dropped, along with 80,000 incendiary bombs and 3,000 cans of phosphorous to fuel the fires. Trees were uprooted and there were 7,196 tons of bombs from British aircraft, plus those from American tetra-motors. From German sources, 40,000 were reported dead, including 5,000 children, plus 120,000 wounded. The Americans said that such figures were far lower than the reality.

Harris commented that the attack on Hamburg had been one of his greatest successes. And much the same in Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg, Essen and hundreds of other large, medium and small cities. In the preface to a book by Liddell Hart, it is said that several British generals deplored the inhumanity of the bombing ordered by Churchill, but kept silent for fear of damaging their careers.

In short, one million and 350,000 tons of bombs were dropped on living areas in 164 cities. More than half a million civilians were killed and more than a million were seriously injured. 3,600,000 homes were destroyed. Thirteen million inhabitants were deprived of shelter. After each bombing, water, sewage or heating services were reduced or stopped altogether until firemen and civilians rushed to repair them (Hans Rumpf, The Bombing of Germany).

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The English were the biggest traitors and idiots of all times , brother against brother, committing vicious crimes against humanity (only Aryans) and for what? For just being replaced in less than a century. Now just a miracle can save us. Maybe a meteorite? . We have to be prepared we have to be succesful and merciless with every obstacle in the decades to come. A fight to be or not to be.

Seems like a very interesting book.
Reading about hypothesis on a victorious Third Reich is good for morale (provided they’re plausible).
Literature on the treason of the British against Europe is also important.
We must never forget and never forgive the eternal Anglo. I can’t help but attack any Brit who posts here defending Brit pride. The only good thing you Brits have left are English Roses, and you can’t even defend that.

Church-Hill (iglesia en una colina) is up there with Constantine as one the worst enemies of the White race ever.
A man who spent his entire life servicing Jewish interests.
Without Churchill’s firebombing policies, Germany would have subjugated the USSR. Without the USSR, the USA could not invade Europe. Without D-day, all that’s left is ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’, however, a strong, watchful Luftwaffe would have impeded that.

I thought of a simple litmus test after that shitty Oppenheimer movie. Ask a normie: “do you think the Allies would have nuked Germany if the war in Europe had lasted another six months?”
If they say ‘absolutely’, forget red-pilling them – even though they are correct in their prediction!
It’s the empathy and feeling of dread at the thought of Eurocide that shows a faint sign of hope, that they’re not fully corrupted.

“The Germans are the most decent people in all of Europe.” General George Patton while serving as military governor in Berlin after WW II had ended. From the book The Patton Papers!
What most observers and commentators on WW II seem to miss is the fact that white “Christian” men were killing each other by the tens of millions on behalf of the atheistic judeo communists. WW II was fought on behalf of the Soviet Union, the greatest killing machine the world has ever known. Judeo/Christianity is a death cult in service to the John 8:44 tribe!
The current “king of the pedophiles”, Pope Francis, informed us that “inside every Christian is a jew”. Therefore, Christians carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction.

Adolf Hitler was the “excorcist”. 88

An article written by Dr William Pierce about Churchhill can be found here:


He was the epitome of the kind of plutocrat that Hitler wanted to get rid of.

The fact that someone like Churchill was able to raise to power (especially when jews needed it the most) only shows how broken the system was back then.

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