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Homosexuality Sexual degeneracy


See the recent video of Jared Taylor criticising the sexual psychosis affecting the West. Taylor’s point of view is infinitely more sane than Andrew Doyle’s and Peter Boghossian’s POV mentioned in a previous post today. Unlike those liberals, Taylor calls a spade a spade: homosexualism, in the sense of indulge in homo behaviour all your life, is plain and simple psychopathological.

Sadly, this sort of thing can no longer be said on YouTube, which has been taken over by the radical left. But at least today Taylor’s video can be watched, in addition to Rumble, on BitChute, and Odysee.

3 replies on “Taylor”

This is one is very interesting regarding homo sexuality as a mental illness:

“It’s a developmental disorder and it would have started very early on. The mothers who caused this are the same mothers who are cheering it on, all while being totally oblivious to the key role they played in the destruction of their own children. Their weak, emotionally absent (or physically absent) fathers also played a huge role.”

Lack of fatherly figure to keep mother under control, thus why women are being empowered by the system today. The few men I see here who are married are weak and submissive, or almost homeless who barely see their own children after divorce.

The anglo-American system has been designed this way. It if cannot be abolished now, at least the remaining young white women should be taken somewhere else like France or Germany (where civil law is present), and their behavior will gradually change.

Regarding the quote you put in inverted commas, I agree completely; and it is very sad that Westerners today subscribe, almost in unison, to the dogma that homosexualism is genetic. Having studied the trauma model of mental disorders in depth, I believe that it is precisely this dynamic between co-dependent father and absorbing mother that causes a myriad of pathologies in offspring.

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