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European beauty

Parliament Building in Greek and Roman style with
Pallas Athena statue and fountain in the front, Austria.

2 replies on “European beauty”

Looking upon these marvellous constructions in Vienna, how can a white person not see that the Aryan race is the pinnacle of humanity? That all others are apes in comparison?
No other race could ever build anything even partially as magnificent as this.
Aryans generate beauty from their bodies and their work, but only when they are collectively sane.
When they congregate in large cities and get infected with a memetic disease since childhood, they start mixing with races that only ever built mud huts and vivisepulchres. They shit all over the blood of their ancestors.

Clarke was obviously wrong. If Karellen came and attempted to accelerate Homo Sapien evolution, first he would need to emulate Kalki and wipe out everyone with less than 90% white genes.
“Captain’s log, stardate 5149. We arrived too late in the Sol System. This whole species is fucked. I’m pressing the Reset Button. We’ll return in two centuries for re-evaluation.”

“white person not see that the Aryan race is the pinnacle of humanity?”

The same way a wigger enjoys negro music and wears joggers with a flat cap. Is some sort of a religion, and all people are religious by essence. Is just a matter of what they worship.

Instead of worshipping Aryan deities like Athena, they worship dancing apes, jews and the pursuit of gold and pleasure.

The anglo speaking media and governments are the main culprits of spreading this religion. A good example of this is the worship towards nigger George Floyd, whom they have turned into a saint.

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