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Evropa Soberana, backup 28

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Translation of the final paragraph of ‘The ice mysteries – evolutionary effects of glaciation’:

There is no doubt that benevolent conditions spoil man and cause his evolution to stagnate, just as happened to the less carnivorous hominids who did not chase the herds of animals during the great migration of Homo erectus out of Africa. The mild temperatures and various comforts of human civilisation are producing real psychophysical monsters, and if a return to glaciation is not possible, at least a civilisation that does not damage the human genome with its lack of natural selection and severity should be achieved.

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Varg Vikerness mentioned that civilization is harmful, and he might have been right to believe so.

But at this point, I agree with Dr Pierce that we need civilization and government organization in order to overcome the darker races of the world. We really can’t go back to live a healthier live in small villages so long we are competing with living space on this world with the orientals.

When we overcome the spiritual syphilis of Judeo-Christianity, we can truly achieve an outcome similar to the one of the turner diaries, but better.

I agree completely. Civilization is a tool to obtain racial supremacy.

There is talk about this current Ruskie tussle really being just an hors-d’oeuvre, that NATO is quickly mobilizing it’s military industrial complex for an all-out confrontation with the Gook Empire in a few years.
Fingers crossed.

I have just gotten an idea that in 1945, Christianity completed its objective (by eliminating the last vestiges of Aryan paganism), and thus chose to self-destruct, bringing the Aryan race with it.

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