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Evropa Soberana (webzine)

Evropa Soberana, backup 23

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Translation of a couple of the concluding remarks:

I think few people doubt anymore that civilisation, the modern urban lifestyle fostered by the System, tends to destroy our body, our mind, our spirit and our health, as well as to degenerate our genetic code more and more, generation after generation, sabotaging our fertility and ruining often the lives of many people by mysterious bad moods, stress, tension, discomforts of unknown origin, psychological imbalances, dissatisfactions, etc., which in most cases come from the poison and rubbish around us, and which completely alter the biochemical balance of our body, transforming us into people we are not.

It is an act of extreme vileness to pass on to our children a genetic code that is more degenerate than the one we have been given. In a way it serves us right for adopting an aberrant scale of values…

My emphasis.

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