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Evropa Soberana, backup 18

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Translation of the first paragraph of the article ‘Descendants of the Aryans—remains of Indo-European blood in Asia (I of IV)’:

Everyone has heard of that National Geographic cover of a white, green-eyed Afghan refugee. That cover caused a sensation. Countless people offered to adopt the girl in question, and became interested in the issue of ethnic groups in the East. Today, practically anyone knows that even in the most unknown corners of deep Asia, there are remnants of European genetics.

Since the image of the Afghan refugee is broken in the PDF that I link to, I am adding that image here.

One reply on “Evropa Soberana, backup 18”

Regarding Afghanistan – I wonder what your view on the current Emirate’s policies is? On the one hand, they worship the same god as the Jews, along with practicing male circumcision, yet they have achieved a lot of amusing deeds nonetheless (covering women may be un-Aryan, but imo, a decent first step at reversing the feminist party line).

On a slightly tangential note – currently, the Kurds seem to be used as a battering ram by the Jews against both the Syrians and the Iranians. And if in Syria, they have come to fear the Turks more than Assad, the Iranian Kurds have come to the forefront of pseudo-Christian tranny agenda (this is why I have marked them as “honorary Christ mutts” in my schizo map of world cultures).

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