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Why I hate Christianity

In 2019 I wrote:

A few days ago some Santería practitioners ritually sacrificed a poor chicken and they came to throw the decapitated corpse at the corner of my house in Mexico City.

In the winters I usually walk around the streets a lot to warm my feet and hands. I just saw another decapitated rooster, whose carcass has been dumped a block from my home.

The intrinsic evil of Christianity is that it commands us to love every bipedal ape regardless of his morality. I have written extensively on this site about the human sacrifices of the Amerindians before the arrival of the Europeans. But sacrifice continues in the 21st century, albeit with animals.

If the Christians had not conquered the continent, but say the Visigoths, there would have been much more chances to wipe out the horrible inhabitants of the Americas.

One reply on “Why I hate Christianity”

I started hating Christianity after I found out the truth of its past in this blog. All the suffering, cruelty, death and destruction it inflicted to the White race—and continues to this day.

I eat chicken sometimes. I leave the leftovers and bones in a corner in my yard, to feed the wild foxes. It helps them survive through the winter. Take from Nature, but also Give Back.

Rest assured, CT. In the near future, millions of these loathsome, exterminable scum-wretches living in the Americas will die from drinking contaminated water.

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