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2nd World War Quotable quotes

Honor the fallen

‘Honor those brave Aryan warriors and ancestors
who fought to keep your Blood alive’.

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Can you imagine the splendor, the magnificence of the War Memorial that would have been built in Germania (ex-Berlin) had the Third Reich survived WW2?
It would have surpassed even the Parisian Arc de Triomfe. In the center, bronze fraktur letters:
“Die Gefallenen werden für immer als Deutschlands Größte in Erinnerung bleiben”

I think I can imagine the feeling if I knew that such a monument existed: I’d feel elevated, I’d feel that the combined will of the millions bringing about victory would have given life a noble cast, Life would be lifted up through the power of community, which would give meaning, strength, happy endurance, life power, splendid love: Life would be full.

Ancestors are honored when their descendants continue their deeds. This is the problem in far-right, nationalist circles that we have seen for years. I got into these groups. They don’t continue these deeds, they don’t have the hatred, they don’t have racial motives, they don’t care about the future of the race. They’re dishonest, lazy bastards. They’re totally poisonous, toxic to the end. There is not a single Aryan virtue within them. They have no masculinity. Hell, even Savitri has more masculinity! I have zero faith in them. They are just a joke. Nietzsche was right: “Disappointed one speaks: I searched great men, I found only the apes of their ideals.”

Our mission should be clear: press the button, destroy all Neanderthals without thinking about ourselves. If our destiny is doomed, then: “If my comrades are not destined to rule the world, then away with it! A shower of atom bombs upon it and in place of its meaningsless chatter about ‘love’ and ‘peace’ the voice of the howling wind over its ruins” as Savitri said. Press the button!

Unfortunately, the remaining Kalkis of today don’t have access to the button.

When I recommend Chris Martenson’s videos on this site, it’s because Nature itself can become Kalki.

Martenson is a normie, but he’s right that the Malthusian prophecy may come true now that it is possible to count—unlike in Thomas Malthus’s time—oil reserves and other energy suppliers.

Although, being a normie, Martenson wants to see the future with optimistic, almost Calvinist eyes (‘Peak Prosperity’ is called his naive site instead of Peak Apocalypse), we can use his science to be optimistic but for very different reasons.

Mother Nature can exterminate 5 billion Neanderthals this century because a planet without technological energy can only support a maximum of 2 billion humans.

That’s why I’m not pessimistic! Of the North American racialists, only Sebastian Ernst Ronin pointed this out (peak oil will open a window of opportunity for us). I think the old man still lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here, on this blog, they often write (including Caesar himself) the subjunctive mantra: if the Reich had won that war … Following Mauricio, I would continue to grieve about unknown cultural masterpieces in architecture, music, science, poetry, philosophy and about unknown discoveries and achievements in eugenics, which remained unrealized and unembodied, and burned down along with the lives of the fallen adherents of racial doctrine and Germanic revival, and were also rooted out of the surviving Germans, “re-educated” and “returned to the bosom of Christian-democratic Europe.”

But let us reflect on this rationally and logically. What would be the real possibility of the New Beginning being realized after such a victory? Certainly, the world as we know it from 1945 right up to the present day would simply not exist. But can we guarantee that, for example, after natural death of AH and members of the Kampfzeit old guard, despite the avant-garde programmes of family planning, upbringing and education, the old inertial scenarios, so characteristic of modernity, would not have prevailed in Germany and its subordinate Europe? In this sense, examples of the dramatic “changing their shoes” by many tens of thousands of party members (national socialist one in Germany after 1945 or communist one in Russia after 1990) and the total rejection of their so-called ideals when these were shown to be unsustainable in the reality of survival, consumption, prosperity and adaptation to changed conditions are extremely revealing.

Would a victorious Germany – which even after the defeat was quickly rebuilt and became an industrial giant, and would soon after victory have decidedly prospered – have been able to make the leap to transforming the world? There is some doubt about that.

Victory on the territory of Europe and the European part of Russia in any case would have come at a huge, colossal cost, and Neue Europa would have had no resources for a conflict with the US and its minions. It is certainly conceivable that a Reich victory would have completely changed the political conjuncture on all continents and contributed to the strengthening of solidarity ideologies and circles in all countries, including North America. Perhaps in the long run this would have led to a gradual evolution and some movement of world history in the right direction. Although, when one reads memoirs from the pre-war, war and post-war years and reflects on the events, the thought arises of how little was done in this direction and how immature and in some places rotten even such an outstanding human resource as the Germans born in the first half of the 20th century was. Even with the German victory they could not have reached the kind of radical conclusions which are discussed here as a summation of 4/14 words. How many generations had to ventilate off from themselves the Catholic-Protestant trail, the burgher manners, the influences permeated by them, including the great cultural heritage?

Does not the defeat of that Germany, which carried within it the rudiments of an Ideal Germany as a universal sacred order, therefore offer more hope? For Kalki (be it a succession of social and economic catastrophes, or natural disasters, or other incomprehensible events) will only come in the space of the inferno, when the Button will be pressed not only physically, but mentally, noetically, spiritually. When the Matrix will be hacked and a state of resonance with the Universe achieved.

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