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Kevin MacDonald

Morgan v. MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald:

‘Since I am not a believer…’

This is surely a strange admission for MacDonald to make, since in the preface to Giles Corey’s book, he endorsed Christianity as the way forward for whites, writing ‘I agree entirely with Corey’s conclusions and recommendations for a revival centred around the adaptive aspects of Christianity…’

Is he dissembling here in an attempt to preserve the illusion of his scholarly objectivity, or does he really mean being a believing Christian is only for other whites, of lower IQ perhaps, a case of do as I say, not as I do?

Also, he doesn’t appear to have thought very carefully about the conclusion of that sentence in the preface I just quoted, which continues ‘the aspects that produced Western expansion, innovation, discovery, individual freedom, economic prosperity, and strong family bonds’.

The West was Christian, yes. But how did Christianity make any contribution at all to expansion, innovation, and discovery? Where does Jesus recommend his followers go conquer the world? Where does it say in the Bible that Christianity has anything to do with innovation or discovery? Nowhere, as far as I know.

Further, Christianity’s track record with such endeavours isn’t very good, to put it mildly. It destroyed all the beginnings of science in the ancient world, and those texts that survived only survived by accident, having been proscribed after the Christian takeover of the Roman Empire. Christianity has typically opposed scientific innovation, from Bruno and Galileo right up to Darwin, whose theory of evolution, ironically enough for an evolutionist such as MacDonald, it continues to oppose.

He concludes:

And it can scarcely be doubted that Catholicism and mainline Protestantism have been completely corrupted and actively subverted so that millions of White Americans have been swept up by the multiculturalism and replacement-level immigration as moral imperatives. Jewish activism has certainly been part of this, but traditional Christian universalism and moral egalitarianism are also part of the equation. One might say that Christianity, despite periods when it was highly adaptive, carried the seeds of its own destruction—a chink in its armour that made it relatively easy to subvert once the culture of the West had been subverted by our new hostile elite.

But what can he mean when he both affirms that traditional Christianity’s universalism and egalitarianism were ‘seeds of its own destruction’, and that it was at the same time ‘subverted’? One online dictionary defines the word subvert thusly: ‘To overthrow (something established or existing); to cause the downfall, ruin, or destruction of; to undermine the principles of; corrupt’.

Christianity’s principles of universalism and egalitarianism in this case are being implemented, not overthrown. Far from being ‘subverted’, that Christianity has been faithful to its principles is precisely what he’s complaining about! Insofar as I can make any sense at all of what he’s saying, it seems he advocates a revival of the old corrupt Christianity that, not always successfully, tried to ignore these principles.

Seems like a losing proposition all around.

3 replies on “Morgan v. MacDonald”

One freethinker said that purgatory was the only continent ever discovered by Catholic [anti]civilization. As much as I love Saint Peter’s Bassilica, with Christopher Hitchens I wince to think that it was built by funds swindled by the Purgatory racket.

The voyages of Magellan and Columbus were opposed by the Catholic Church as they contradicted Acts and Maccabees.

The Bible only knows of 3 continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. The Apostles preached the Gospel in these three continents, hence they “preached the gospel in the whole world.” Maccabees, a part of the Catholic Bible also. Alexander fought wars on these three continents and hence the Catholic Bible says that he fought wars in the whole world.

Whenever the Americas and Australia were discovered it disproved the Biblical notion that there are only 3 continents.

It is amazing to think that a religion that has a holy text that implies that there are only 3 continents is the largest religion in the world, today.

What’s amazing to me is that white advocates who still sympathize with Christianity are unwilling to discuss the issues (with the exception of those staunch Xtians who try to reply to Morgan at the comments section of The Unz Review).

Just looking at the Greek New Testament on my phone.

In Ancient Classical Greece, the ‘metoikesiā’ was ‘the immigration.’ Etymologically: ‘those who lived beyond [the boundaries of their native countries].’ A class of immigrants employed to do menial labour.

This is the word that Matthew uses for the Babylonian Captivity in Chapter 1 of his Gospel. ‘…metoikesíās Babulō̃nis.’

And so, one could—and no doubt many deviant Christians have—translate this as: ‘the immigration [into] Babylon.’

Christ’s people were immigrants in Babylon, Goyim. If the Babylonians oppressed the Jews in Babylon, then you would not have your Jewish God-man.

And Timothy Keller said that the Bible commands us to take in the immigrant, look after him, and not oppress him.

Timothy Keller is as evil as he is demented. In an interview he more or less conceded that the white race is finished and that the evangelical Christian Church needed to adapt to a post-white society.

James White, an evangelical Calvinist, wonders why White America is “self-immolating” itself. Well, Rabbi Jesus taught us to take up our cross daily. Rabbi Jesus taught us to pick up a device of self-immolation daily.

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