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‘Oathkeeper’ is the fourth episode of the fourth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 34th overall. After what I said in the entry about the previous episode, I don’t want to continue describing the nonsense of this show (such as the triumphant entrance of the blonde Dany, the chain-breaker, to Meereen while the freed swarthy masses acclaim her).

But since I am focusing on the feminist messages of the series, I must say that the dialogue between Olenna and Margaery, in their precious private corner at the garden of King’s Landing, represents yet another inversion of human sexuality. Olenna tells her granddaughter that in order to marry a powerful nobleman, she gave him a tremendous sexual session one night when she sneaked into his bedroom.

It doesn’t take much experience in sexual matters to realise that this story smells of ink, not of real sexuality in the Middle Ages. But let’s remember that in Game of Thrones this is a fantastic medieval period in which it is the females who ride the males on the bed.