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Another Morgan comment

Dfordoom: ‘Christians like the idea that they’re fighting a rival religion because it gives them hope’.

Sure. Also, treating ‘Wokeism’ as though it is opposition allows them to disguise the fact that it’s just a secular form of Christian ethics. The last thing they want is to be blamed for all of the destruction the secular forms of their religion has caused. If they admitted that Bolshevism sprang from Christian theological thought (Spengler), they’d have to take responsibility for all the genocides perpetrated by the various forms of communism. They’d also have to take responsibility for the first American Civil War, which Christian abolitionists played a key role in starting and prosecuting, and the idea of human equality, which led white Christian America, after the War, to grant citizenship and the vote to negroes. The idea of ‘white guilt’, which is central to ‘Wokeism’, can trace its ancestry to the Christian idea of original sin. If you’re born white, then you’re born guilty.

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A commenter who used to comment here, when he moved to The Unz Review he changed his penname to ‘Dr. Robert Morgan’.

Here, in other Morgan quotes I’ve been using a painting of the famous Vincent Price, who played the role of Dr. Robert Morgan in The Last Man on Earth (1964 film).

Since I don’t have a photo of the commenter (don’t even know his real name) I am using both, the painting or this photo every time I quote ‘Dr. Robert Morgan’.

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