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Kevin MacDonald

KMD’s apologetics, 7

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3 replies on “KMD’s apologetics, 7”

If the more representative figures of the white nationalist movement fail to open up to the issue of the corrupting influence of Christianity, that means they did not have the existential experience that allowed you and me to understand the human psyche on a deeper level than the level that they are mentally operating on.

What I mean here is that traumatic experiences can initiate an emotional maturity that is beyond the retarded state that western humanity is in at the moment. [italics added]

Bingo! And this is why I say that no one who fails to know himself (as my own traumatic experiences) can really understand what’s happening today.

I’m quite sure, a lot of anti-Christians never suffered any traumas comparable to yours. Did the Vikings try to understand the reason why their fellow Franks and Anglo-Saxons had betrayed their ancestral gods? All that is needed is to drown Christians in their own blood. May the convergence of eucatastrophes help us.

That’s true about the Vikings. But we’re talking about body-snatched whites reluctant to question their parents’ toxic religion (since my parents abused me, it was a matter of elemental survival to question their beliefs).

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