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One of the reasons white advocates always lose is because of their lack of open and blatant hatred. Just look at the level of hatred that the negrolatric Left currently shows towards the Aryans and compare it with the polite and serene way in which the latter respond.

In their most recent podcast, the NPI/Radix crew gathered to discuss the white revolution. Although the first few minutes, before one of them put on a hat, are not bad, then these guys started talking about the revolution: figures like the Spanish fascists, Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin as if they were interchangeable!

At no time was the financing of New York Jewry named emphatically and iteratively as a crucial factor in bringing Lenin, with his funded revolution, to power. They spoke of revolutionaries as if the Jewry that has been supporting their street soldiers is the same as the current state of whites, who have absolutely no powerful supporters among their kind.

The other issue is that, when the left speaks, they sympathise with the Russian Revolution and openly hate post-Weimar Germany. When hearing these pundits from the NPI, in no way are distinctions made between such black and white, although the colours changed from our point of view. If a normie saw these Radix guys, they would think that these ‘grey’ speakers admire everyone equally: Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin. No wonder why they are tolerated on YouTube!

I would instead speak with infinite hatred about the ‘Russian’ Revolution, which was actually a multi-ethnic revolution against the ethnic Russians, especially from the Jewish quarter. Furthermore, I would place Hitler and the NS leaders as the new messiahs crucified by Stalin and the Anglo-Saxon traitors.

With that speech you win: fanatic, religious and, especially, Manichean.

The pundits of the alt-right, on the other hand, are a real disgrace. If the white race is extinguished, I ask the coloureds to reread this site to find out how it was that the last generation of whites was made up not of cultured thugs, as these guys boast, but of the lukewarm and faint-hearted that never dared to hate with all their being and with all their strength and with all their heart and with all their soul…

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I’m rather familiar with the panelists and much of their views. The one in particular is Cultured Thug. He makes great videos concerning 3rd positionist videos but cannot reconcile the fact that the US must be partitioned off to save the white population from miscegenation and that by simply adapting “popualism” with no racialism will be enough to secure a white majority population. He doesn’t seem to understand the extinct that much of the reason why whites are in such a poor condition within America has much more to do with their own conception of morality than adopting any silly “populaism” or any 3rd position politics. The direction of Radix/NPI to go into a Nazbol direction comes from the fact that much of the true power in America to shape both the culture and political landscape resides within the coastal elite areas instead of the heartland and by adopting Nazbol aesthetics or talking points they will sway this population to fund their failed alt-right political positions.

Also, if you dissect the philosophical talk much of their solution is appeal to some oligarch to fund their self-indulgent means of power acquisition. They have no intention to implement true change on the community nor cultural level. This is why most Amerikwans are simply spiritual Jews which have lost much of their community and are unable to have an organic political movement without intervention from grifters, pseudo-intellectuals or right-wing meme clowns who are inept at solving the identity crisis of modern whites.

We Must Secure The Existence of Our Economy and a Diploma for our Children.
Those are the 14 words of these four soft, polite alt-right pundits.

I stopped watching after 20 minutes. Everything has already been said. It’s just moaning and bitching for normies. All this talk of historical precedents and comparisons with the fall of Empires is useless. This type of ‘cultured’ propaganda doesn’t resonate with the modern effeminate consumer brain. It’s weak sauce. It’s on Youtube.
Even Jared’s ‘How did it come to this?’ is more effective than these lame lecturing podcasters.

Compare this weak attempt at promoting White dissidence to the whole CHAZ circus: it’s like the preparations of a psychological ‘Black Panther collaborationist government’ for a post-Trump Amerikwa. It’s discouraging the cops, discouraging self-defense against apes, and encouraging more CHAZes.

There was one youtuber I liked, banned now, called Doom Guard. He wore a hockey mask in his videos, in order to keep his job. He was a staunch racist, he revered National Socialist Germany, berated other weak-sauce youtubers, and spurned the USA. He cursed often in his rants, used dark humour, and you could feel a mean streak in his tone of voice, a lot of anger and hate. He was already in Combat Mode.

I hope there will be more like him.
But Whites, in general, still have a lot of options other than Hate, even with Corona locking them down.
However, to quote Kai Murros, Hate will soon be their only option.

Spencer and his little chums are just LARP-ing soy boys.

What does Alt-Right even mean?
What does White Nationalism even mean?
It’s all so pathetic and weak.
Do they even have any clearly defined goals other than some vague fantasy about going back to the 1950s or asking their enemies permission to be left alone?


I said, “The only “white” sites I read anymore with any regularity is this one and a small blog of a friend of mine.”

Then you said, “I see. If you like, please link to your friend’s site…”

Then I said: It’s a tiny site with just a few regulars, and I am unsure if my friend wants the extra exposure.

My guess is “no,” but I will ask.”

So I asked, but the answer was “yes.” So I have “linked” to my friend’s site NOW. By mentioning our conversation in a reply to a comment that says “Reblogged this on The White Tea Room”

It’s a little awkward. But what in thee hell did you want me to do??

Well OK. Now my friend may be confused because I sent her a message about a post that does not exist anymore. But I can see how my awkward communication could cause issues. I’m not mad, I think it’s funny. I relish the awkwardness and weirdness of life – how little things can turn into a mess.

But have you noticed how communicating on the internet in general can be difficult? It’s so easy to misread or misinterpret the other party. It’s not a racial thing, it’s an internet thing. A person has to be like hyper lucid or literal on the internet in a way that doing the same thing in real life would be off putting or nonconstructive.

For clarity my friends site is: https://whitetearoom.wordpress.com

Thanks for being you, C.T.

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