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Oracle of Delphi

Mental health matters

Before the Christians destroyed everything
the ancient Greek aphorism ‘Know thyself’ was
one of the Delphic maxims. It was inscribed in
the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

On my statistics page I have been seeing that my recent post, ‘Very important subject’, has been popular with visitors, a post that ends by saying that mental health matters.

By the poor mental health of our time I not only mean classic disorders such as alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, delusions of persecution or greatness, but all ideological deviancies. As I see the West, most have been in a state of psychosis since Constantine, either honouring the god of the Jews Yahweh, which is also Jesus and the divine dove (a psychosis that many American anti-Semites share) or more recently the psychosis of believing the dogma of equality in issues of race, gender and sexual orientation: the new Holy Trinity of the white race.

The vast majority of whites suffer, or at least don’t openly rebel, against one of these two psychoses. But there are many other ideologies as psychotic as these two major psychoses that many minority groups share.

I mean beliefs like UFOs, conspiracy theories, magical thinking, all sorts of beliefs in the paranormal and the many cults. When I lived in California I found out that there was a myriad of cults in that state, and it bothered me greatly that all that mind-rotting beliefs were considered ‘spiritual’ by Americans. The common white only hears of the largest new religions such as Scientology, but there are many more, as harmful as Dianetics, which are hardly spoken of because they have few followers. I myself fell into a New Age cult in my twenties, Eschatology, which is based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Decades ago, I was unaware that it had been my Catholic father’s abusive behaviour that led me to the mental catastrophe of entering the world of Eschatology, something that I explain in the fifth book of my autobiographical series. But the problem with the vast majority of Westerners is that they do not have the faintest idea that similar catastrophes, such as falling into other sects or ‘spiritual’ systems, may have the same causes.

In the comment section of this site, for example, various types of Christians have wanted to argue with me completely clueless that their faith in the Bible is simply a parental introject. That is why I have told them more than once that they don’t know how to distinguish between the empirical world and the structure of their inner selves.

Europeans are not far behind. This day I received an email from a German who wants to promote his recently translated books into English (here and here). If Europeans in general were not crazy like goats what they would write would be, above all, historical reviews of what happened not only since Constantine, but the Second World War, as it is these two lies that destroy their race. The German who wrote to me today, on the other hand, in his books talks about the Illuminati, the attacks of 9/11 and even the aliens… The German system allows this type of controlled opposition because it does not represent any danger to the System. But what I’m after is something deeper.

What cured me of the mental virus of Eschatology was a kind of double helix so to speak: something we could call cognitive self-therapy (as I have confessed on this site) and writing my spiritual odyssey. Without the second the cure would not have been profound, as only when I realised that the parental introjects were at the core of my being, I understood that everything I believed about Jesus was not data from the empirical world, but malware from my inner self.

The subject is obviously huge, and that’s why I decided to write so many pages about it in my native language. But what hurts me is that many people who want to do something for the white race cannot do it because they continue to be slaves of their introjects, and will continue to be until they follow the mandate of the oracle of Delphi.

7 replies on “Mental health matters”

Do you believe it to be that simple? That there is only one correct ideology? I guess, that would be the Four Words?

What’s about those that wish to save their race but without eliminating unnecessary suffering? Without caring about parenting methods? They must be “lost” in your mind, and yet they exist and fight.

I’m not as self-assured as you are. I consider myself an atheist – but I will not turn down Savitri Devi, even though she’s a magically-thinking Pagan.

(I do turn down Christians because I consider them outright traitorous. Although even they have individual exceptions – Breivik, Bowers.)

What I have in mind, when I say psychoses, is gross ideological distortion. In addition to my list above, I should have added belief in the afterlife or reincarnation, as there’s no evidence about that.

A scale of values like the 4 words doesn’t distort anything. It is only a wish that animals and children are no longer tormented.

But belief in the god of the Jews, while at the same time preaching anti-Semitism, strikes me as pretty schizophrenic…

“The truth is that there is no other “God” but the immanent, impersonal divinity of Nature—of Life, the universal Self. No tribal god is “God”. Tribal gods are more or less divine to the extent they embody and express a more or less divine collective soul. Yahweh, the tribal god of the Jews, is as little divine as negative as they themselves—they, the typically negative human element of our Time-cycle” (The Lightning and the Sun, page 429-430).

I have been exchanging emails with the German mentioned above. In his most recent email, after I confronted him about his belief in alien visitors, he replied: ‘Indeed. That’s true. I think so. And there is evidence’.

And he wanted me to advertise his books on this site! Note that he intertwines his belief of ET visitors messing with Earthlings with his 9/11 truth and also, the conspiracy of the Illuminati and the white race.

Hello there, I’m a regular reader of this site for quite some time already but until now I have never made the effort to write a comment.

I am a young german (in my 20s). Blonde and blue eyed. I always had an interest for philosophy, art, science and hsitory. I come from a simple background and I would not consider myself to be of above average intelligence but maybe that is the Dunnig-Kruger effect in reverse.

Well, jokes aside. What motivated me to finally write something is your stance on christianity. My parents left the decision to be baptized up to me and I “decided” to get baptized and become a catholic when I was 8
years old. I think I did that mainly for two reasons:
1 Because of the presents, attention and other stuff that makes you feel good (the short term reasons)
2 Because it is tradition where I live. And I think I wanted to be part of that. Part of a folk / group (The long term reasons)

Long story short: Being part of the group didn’t work out so well and I became socially isolated. But today I think that me getting rejected and also self isolating to avoid further rejection was critically important in the process of my awakening. I wasn’t distracted with the usual teenager drama and so I had a lot of time to think, read and watch videos to learn about the subjects which interested me. As one of the consequences, this year in january, I left the church.

I know that you complain about christianity a lot and about white nationalists who are unable to see how trapped they are in xtian ethics.

I think that Nietzsche described very well the origins and problems of christianity in his “Antichrist”. While I share many of his views I am of the opinion that christianity also produced things that could be an inspiration for the future. To be fair though: It wasn’t christianity that produced great architecture or knightly orders. It was the work of people of aryan descent and christianity only was the expression of their spirituality. But the well was poisoned and therefore the fair race has to suffer terribly.
As Nietzsche put it:

“The fact that the strong races of northern Europe did not repudiate this Christian god does little credit to their gift for religion—and not much more to their taste. They ought to have been able to make an end of such a moribund and worn-out product of the décadence. A curse lies upon them because they were not equal to it; they made illness, decrepitude and contradiction a part of their instincts—and since then they have not managed to create any more gods. Two thousand years have come and gone—and not a single new god!” (Antichrist ch. 19)

Regarding the person of Jesus: I like to think of him the way he is portrayed in this movie scene.


If you have made it through my comment, congratulations and thank you for your time. I really like your site as a whole.

Great work!

If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.

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